Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caterpillar Sock 1 Finished

Caterpilla-SocksWCaterpilla-SockTopWHi All Here is the first sock and the second is started and on its way :-) We have a new camera so I am getting used to that also. Like the definition. It does much better close ups. Have taken a close up of the stitch and the top as I knitted this sock from the toe up. A first for me and I think that I am a convert ! The other thing I also do is use double yarn for the Cast on or in this instance the last row and the cast off.

Now That I have the camera and the software sorted Rob will be taking pictures of the finished Baby tomorrow.

Stay Tune Cheers Lynne


Marilyn Robertson said...

Congrats on knitting a sock from the toe up. I have only made them from the cuff down - so far. You mentioned you might be a convert to this method. Why do you like this new to you method? Cute sock!

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Marilyn
I like it because i find it easier to join the circle at the toe. I use the crochet cast on and my sock just seemed togo together so much quicker. There is also no picking up of stitches at the heel. Little things that you put off doing and delaying the finish.

Instructions for sock from the toe up

Sunrise socks (Catepiller) Scroll down and you will see the picture and the PDF format for the pattern
This is the most amazing blog and one to save and have a look at when you have spare moments.
Give it a go and you will see what I mean :-)

Jeni said...

how lovely and warm those socks look

Taryn said...

The sock is great. I love the colors in the yarn you used. What kind of camera is your new one? The pictures look wonderful.