Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I have been Playing

This week in the mail I received the templates designed by Meredithe won on Pomegranate and Chintz blog. Thankyou Meredithe. It has been very hot here and so I decided to escape to my sewing room and have a play. The pinwheels will have little hexagons in their centres. I need a baby quilt  hence the change in colours to my normal repros.

I have to say I love these templates. They are so easy to use and are I used my Roller blade. I think my Pinwheels will have another personality with little hexagons in their centres.

The Pie in the sky quilt is progressing nicely. Am putting blocks in groups of four before I group them as a big Quilt.
Enjoy yourselves and all that wonderful family time.
 I know my machine will not be turned on for a while now as Family Time takes over. I had my day of Fun though
Wishing all a Wonderful Christmas 
and a Bright, Happy and Creative2013
Cheers Lynne
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