Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mermaid and Seahorse

  Mermaid1bestSeahorseI needed to make one more Present and the little girl was not going to be around til after Christmas. So for the last two days I have been grabbing spare moments. I am not a doll maker and have not made a doll before. There are no buttons or anything that could get stuck in small mouths as the little girl is just one.

This is the pattern from the latest issue of Homespun –The Summertime issue-  designer Natalie Ross. She looks a little different and has her own personality.

Happy New Year to everyone Cheers Lynne

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Shirt is finally finished!


I have just sewn the last button on my Christmas shirt and it is ready to wear. A friend gifted me this gorgeous piece of Liberty Roses fabric (So Me :-)) and I thought it would make a perfect Christmas shirt. Red and Green with gorgeous gold buttons. I am almost ready for Santa. Not being the most organised of people that is nothing short of a miracle.

Wishing Each and Everyone of you Joy and Peace at Christmas and the very Best of Health and Happiness in the year 2011.

Cheers Lynne and Rob

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nearly Insane Blocks 7 and 77

Block 7 and Block 77. They look so different. There are little apples around the square in the square and what looked to me like Christmas lights in the Chrome Yellow in B7
Love Block 77Those Greens and Double pinks with a little Chrome yellow as a Zing
Wish I could say I was getting more sewing done! Plan on baking another fruit cake tomorrow. The Hazelnut one and other Christmassy things. Have a Great Week All Cheers Lynne

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fruitcake Baking Day

Fruitcake making day :-)  While I cook I have never made a fruitcake before and needed to learn the Art of Tin Preparation. A very important step in fruitcake making.

Yes we are both quilters. Notice the different cake personalities. Same recipe, except Rosemary left out the Ginger and made the weight up in fruit.  Different size tin but that is all. We had such fun and they both look gorgeous. My cake is secretly stashed to mature for a week or two.

This is my Before shot. Lynne’s Cake


Rosemary’s Cake


Rosemary’s After shot  YummYumm. Now Rosemary basted hers with Whiskey. Believe it or not cakes are the same darkness. Two different cameras


Lynne’s after shot. I basted mine with Brandy. I think we need to get together and compare cake flavours :-)


I have just found another Fruit cake recipe with Hazelnuts. Fruitcake is meant to keep right so I think while I am on a roll I should make another :-) Have a Great Day All Cheers Lynne