Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nearly Insane Block 54

There are Cherries in the middle of this block. I am not normally a brown person but they work perfectly with Pewter, Indigo and Honey. Love that Poison Green  and the Double Pink too. The Double Pink was part of Christine's scrapbag :-) Thankyou. She by the way is having a giveaway :-)
Enjoy your week everyone Cheers Lynne

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thankyou Just Love it

winning fabric

I was so lucky to win this fabric pack from Jan at  Bemused. I just Love it. Of course I am going to sneak some of it in to my Nearly insane. There is also a Vintage  sewing machine and the most gorgeous scissors and thimbles on one piece. Perfect. Thankyou so much Jan.

I am being plagued by headaches or their after effects at the moment and you made my day :-)

Roll on Autumn and cooler weather.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.Cheers Lynne

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nearly Insane Block 41 and 60

Block41wcB41  Look Carefully and you can see the little Birds in the black and grey. Enlarge to have a clearer picture.Block60wbB60  There is a little girl playing with her doll and the bottom has a little bird. The Green is a New Zealand Fern fabric given me to my good friend Rosemary.  That is 43 blocks now :-)  
Cheers Lynne

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pfaff Model L Treadle

Finding machines in this condition is difficult no matter what the brand. Finding  Pfaff’s in this condition is almost impossible. This one is in extremely fine condition. Click on the photos to enlarge for more detail.
The Red Felts on the Spool Pins are the original ones cut in a Flower Shape.
endplate The  endplate has a beautiful etched design.CoffinThe Woodwork was cleaned but other than taht the finish was original. See the inlaid ruler along the edge.
The paint and goldwork on the treadle frame is all original. All Rob did was polish it with extra cut car polish which cleaned it up and gave it a fine finish. Look Carefully and you can see the pincushion that slides around from underneath. and at the back near the Pfaff name is where Oil Cans sat.
Even the drawer has the has the Pfaff name on the Keyhole Plate  Cheers Rob and Lynne

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mrs. Teddy

Isn’t my Sister-in-law Jay just so clever. Look what she made me for my birthday. Mrs Teddy. She has pins in her hat. (All the photo’s can be enlarged if you click on them)
I have inserted two old Glass Headed pins into her shoulders  to make sure she does not lose her bags.
In her bag she has a $2.00 coin for emergencies :-) and in the other bag one of my Thimbles.
If you look carefully she has a Needle Threader in her Pinny and two pockets for just in case. Her carrier has a pocket for Scissors. The scissors are just lovely.
The insides of the bags are a gorgeous pink with heritage green outside and  lovely fine embroidered bees and flowers. Mrs Bear is Felt as is her hat and bags. Her Pinny and Carrier are made of Quilting cotton
I love the Beehive on the back of her Pinny and she carries a Tape Measure tied up with a button.
If you undo the sweet Glass buttons of her Pinny she has a Needle book of flannel as a petticoat embroidered with lovely flowers and leaves.
Oh my goodness and underneath her petticoats she has lovely lace knickers with pink bows.
Jay is so clever and I just love all the embroidery. I count myself as pretty special and privileged to have such a wonderful Sister-in-Law and to own Mrs. Bear. Cheers Lynne

Nearly Insane Block 21

My First Nearly Insane block for the year. It misbehaved! Don’t know why I decided I needed 4 strips of red-should have all been green. Not concerned about that but one of the Triangles I discovered on the last seam was not where it should be. Because of the piecing units it was not a matter of a quick flip either. Oh well it is all fixed and it has personality.
I used Carol Doakes Paper-piecing papers bought from Hancocks.  Printer likes them and so do I.Block21wbHope to get next weeks block 53 done on time too. So fingers crossed. 
Cheers Lynne

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wheeler and Wilson 4

Head2w Head1w
Headtopw Treadlew closedw I just love the gorgeous grain in the woodwork.
One of Wheeler and Wilsons earlier style machine. It sews from the side and you know I have trouble getting my head around that Treadling from the front and feeding from the side. I have enormous respect for women who managed to insert sleeves into clothing from the side :-)
It also uses a curved needle because of the motion of the arm.  It has a  round bobbin.
They were the company which patented the four motion feed . The feeddogs move up back then down and then forward.
The drawers are the wrong size and are on our hunt list.  We do not have a belt either.
Wheeler and Wilson were eventually bought by Singer in 1905. This is the number 4 Model and it dates to 1871.
Cheers Lynne and Rob