Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jones Spool

SpoolRr The Spool was Jones Top of the Range Rotary Sewing machine based on the Wheeler and Wilson No9. These were made from around 1900 to the 1930’s and although not rare are certainly less common than the Jones Family CS model.


Near Perfect Decals


This particular machine was made around 1929 and came to us complete with Instruction Book and a few parts


These Machines are extremely heavy and weigh around 22KG. Certainly not something that you would want to carry to far.

Stay Tune for the Wheeler and Wilson 9

Cheers Lynne and Rob

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Block 89

This block or actually there are two half blocks are for the sides of the quilt. I have snuck a piece of aboriginal fabric in one of the squares on each side. It is called Bush Tomato. I think it fits in quite well. My Friend Rosemary found it on her travels along with the lovely burnt orange repro. Thankyou :-)


We have had lots of rain and it is wonderful. There is even enough water in the gutters out the front in the street for the ducks from down the park to go for a swim and yes that did happen once.

Everything out side smells nice and fresh and wonderful.

I planted my garlic yesterday (in the rain) as the soil was nice and damp. Nothing like nice fresh garlic picked from you garden.

Now must choose the sewing machine for the week :-)

Will post it later

Have a good Day all Lynne

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Block 9 Nearly Insane

Block9wb I Like this Block and the inclusion of a few low key Aussie fabrics adds a sense of heritage. I love the golden wattle. Went back through some of my older Repros and found this gorgeous green I love it.

I have not pulled the papers out of these blocks as I go along and I am thinking that I could have a biggg messy job later. Maybe I need to start now. My thoughts are also turning to sashings. The quilt is starting to talk to me and hopefully soon I will know what I am going to use.

They have forecast rain here in Adelaide tomorrow. The word was Rain not Showers so fingers crossed everyone.

Cheers Lynne

Monday, April 20, 2009

Block 14 :~) I am finally a week ahead of myself

Block 14 is done and I am know a week ahead of myself :~) For how long I wonder??? Totally different to the last block. Just love that Grand Teint and the two poison greens. Actually just love the whole block. It is not easy to find those intense reds. Those rich raspberries. I need to keep my eye out but have not seen any for a while.

Have started the next block and yes it is looking very different again. Stay Tune

Do I confess to working on it losing total track of time find it is past lunchtime and I have not got dressed for the day. Now this does not happen often but I did get a touch of the guilts. I was up early too so it was not a case of being a sleepyhead. Off to feed the starving. Cheers Lynne

Block 91

This block is based around the wonderful centre fabric of shells.

Thankyou Nanc :-))

I created a beach scene. These are border blocks so one will go either side of the quilt.

Got to thinking too and have also decided to put a few Aussie fabrics into the quilt as well. It will be still primarily Repro but with a personal touch. A link to the past with feet in the present. There are lots of litttle stories in this quilt already.

Have finished the next block too just need to get that Camera out. Looks totally different to this one.

Stay Tune

Cheers Lynne

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Naumann Needle Packets

We had a lucky find today in an Antique shop. The Larger size needle packet holds a selection of different sized needles. The small one is the standard size and it gives you an idea of the larger one.

The packet measures 7.5 cm (3 inches ) x 5cm (2inches). We believe they date to around 1900.

Yes we do have the Treadle that goes with these. It has a very interesting Parts Tin which is like a little Metal travelling case. Will have to photograph it for you to see.




Singer Industrial Chairs



Here we have 2 examples of the Singer Industrial stools. The Three-Legged Stool is the more common style . The other four-legged style has a spring loaded adjustable back. This was an extremely lucky find as it was picked up in a dumped on the side of the road. Couldn’t leave it there!



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blocks for Children’s Community quilt

The Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Unit of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital which has been part of our life for the last 16 years is making a quilt from blocks put together by past and present patients or their Mum's most probably:-)

As we live by the sea I thought fitting blocks to represent us should follow that theme. Found fabrics that children from all ages would like :-)

.Rowan's Block Ross's Block

Only had them in my stash for about 15 years. They are lively and colourful and about as far away from reproduction fabrics as you can get. Cannot wait to see the quilt all put together. Will take a photo so you can see.



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 70 -Back on track :-))

Have finally got back into it and today I finished Block 70. Actually coloured this one in with EQ5. I like it and my friend Nanc had the brown Serpentine Ugly that looks great! I had a great time playing with this one Don’t know if you can see it but the background fabric has Spades diamonds Hearts and clubs of playing cards.

B70aw I Plan to go back and make the three missing weeks so I am then up to date. Not tomorrow as I have guests for lunch. Thank goodness it is holidays and I will have some free time :-)

Have a relaxing Easter Monday All

cheers Lynne

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Singer GingerBread Drawing Room Cabinet



This is my favourite sewing machine. A Singer Drawing Room Cabinet with a 15K Tiffany or Gingerbread head. Dating to 1908 and complete with Puzzlebox. The machine also has a Handcrank with the Gingerbread decals.

My Quilt Treadle

Remarkable rocks quilt

Puzzle box oil can etc

Quilt Machine head  Quite a few years ago now (about 6) I did a workshop with Jenny Bowker . I made a quilt with my favourite Treadle and above a wonderful holiday we had on Kangaroo Island. The scene is of Remarkable Rocks.

This quilt was before the reproduction era. I have used all sorts of mediums Foils, Fabric Dyeing, colouring pencil. The decorative wood carvings are actually quilted on the quilt.  I learnt many things making this quilt and had a lot of fun.

This is my first post using Windows Live Writer . I guess I will learn more about it as I go along.

Take Care and Have a very Happy and Safe Easter Break.

We do not decorate our house for Easter but I can safely say that there is a lot of Chocolate around.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mountain Colours Sock in Bearfoot Yarn

Sock made from Mountain colours Bearfoot Sock yarn, Colour Northern Lights.

This poor sock has been suffering for 6 months from one sock syndrome but I am now pleased to announce that the second sock has now been started! Rosemary, Raeleen and I went to a knitting group on Saturday at the local Library. We had a wonderful couple of hours knitting and chatting. Hopefully the second sock will be finished soon.
Plan to catch up on my Nearly Insane blocks over Easter in between all the other happenings.
Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Easter Break

The Agenoria

The Agenoria - This small English Handcrank was made by A Maxfield and Co at the Agenoria Works in Birmingham around 1872. This was one of a number of small English machines made at this period of time as a cheap alternative to the bigger and more complicated Singer style machines. The Brass plate on the end of the machine features Brittania and the English Lion and is a Lockstitch machine with a boat shuttle.
We found this lovely machine in New Zealand a few years ago - Definately Not a cheap alternative anymore.
Lynne and Rob


I have been off the Radar for a little while. That is because I have been making a few quilts for the Victorian Bushfire appeal. Thought you might like to see them so here they are.

There are 4 in all