Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mueller No 2 Daisy Decals

Another Lovely little Toy sewing machine                    Maker F.W. Mueller, Berlin. Model No.2  Available in a number of different background colours including red, aqua and of course black as per our photo. Don’t you just love those little red Daisies :-)
Cheers Rob and Lynne

Nearly Insane Block 24

If you look closely at this block you will see the little girl in the centre fishing. I just love my wonderful roses too so this was a feel good block as a winter cold has me at the moment.
Well I am a week late on this one.
More than a few hiccups happening at the moment and I have not sewn for a week :-(  I swear it is not because this weeks block which should be finished tomorrow is the demon 44. Will try and start it soon. Promise.
Have a Great week all  Cheers  Lynne

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Casige No 5 Poppies Toy Sewing Machine

poppiesfrwpoppiesrrwI love Poppies. This Casige Toy is Post WW2 , possibly a No 5. It has a chain stitch mechanism . The decals are in lovely condition. On the stitch plate it has the Trademark Eagle and Made in Germany.

Cheers  Rob and Lynne

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Singer Model 13 Treadle Sewing Machine


Isn’t she a Beauty. Rob has not done anything to her. Looks like her woodwork could do with a light finish. This machine was for the Dressmaker who worked from home. She dates to 1888. She has a nice big Throat to accommodate the bulkiest of items or even that Double or Queen size quilt :-) Her shuttle is a boat shuttle and the bottom tension is achieved by threading under a bar and through a series of holes on the other side. To me this would be the most frustrating exercise.

Her decorations are the Acanthus Decals. On our Wishlist for this machine is a Manual.


The Wooden dome instead of locking from the bottom has a lock and a hinge from the top so that it opens like a lid and there is a bar inside the box to click around the arm of the machine to lock the dome in place. The Logo on the side of the treadle is the about double the size of the normal Singer Logo. Cheers Rob and Lynne

Nearly Insane Block 15

Block15wcu Block15w Here is Block 15. I remembered I had bought some of the Liberty Patchwork range years ago before Repro fabric had officially entered my life. Last weeks bird block reminded me and I went on a hunt. Sometimes I just wish I was not such a scrap quilter and had let myself blow the budget and had bought more of this one . Love the Dark Jo Morton. It adds intensity to the other colours. The red is part of the Baltimore Album range. Are you like me and feel sad when you have used the last of a piece of scrap?? I even feel the need to have to buy more of it only by that time there is usually no more to be had! The Centre red is a part of Block 90. Cheers Lynne