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Jones Hand

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I have been Playing

This week in the mail I received the templates designed by Meredithe won on Pomegranate and Chintz blog. Thankyou Meredithe. It has been very hot here and so I decided to escape to my sewing room and have a play. The pinwheels will have little hexagons in their centres. I need a baby quilt  hence the change in colours to my normal repros.

I have to say I love these templates. They are so easy to use and are I used my Roller blade. I think my Pinwheels will have another personality with little hexagons in their centres.

The Pie in the sky quilt is progressing nicely. Am putting blocks in groups of four before I group them as a big Quilt.
Enjoy yourselves and all that wonderful family time.
 I know my machine will not be turned on for a while now as Family Time takes over. I had my day of Fun though
Wishing all a Wonderful Christmas 
and a Bright, Happy and Creative2013
Cheers Lynne
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pie in the Sky blocks

Sorry no Photos but I am reporting in to say that while I did not make a nearly insane block this week I did sew B17 into its row. I also have now nearly made all the blocks for the Queen size Pie in the sky quilt I talked about in September 23 post. Some are still in units and two thirds still need to be sashed but it is starting to take real shape. I am happy.

I am also just loving my new Bernina 820. She is purring like a pussy cat. I can even set my block up underneath the arm ready to sew. All that room is fantastic.

Cheers Lynne

Monday, November 12, 2012

Block 17 Nearly Insane

This block took me a while. Notice the Rooster and hen in the centre block.
Cyndi I just had to have a play with those gorgeous Trade Winds fabrics. Added to my challenge was getting all the colours in the right place :-)
Have a great Week all  Cheers Lynne

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doll Quilts



My Friend Nancy and I designed a dolls quilt for each other and made it into a little kit to share. The bird one is the one I made to share with her. The shape is different because it is the shape of an wertheim lid to a sewing machine.


This little quilt was a kit from BusyThimble made with the Charleston range. Of course the little Conversationals are my additions.


This is the gorgeous little kit that Nancy made up for me. She chose some of her favourite fabrics and of course that gorgeous apricot Sturbridge.


This little quilt was made on a Miniature sewing machine called a Little Worker or a Midget . It has a tine shuttle and I lost count how many times I had to fill it.! If you click on the link you will see the machine.

Have a look at the gorgeous quilt that Taryn is giving away. It is the most gorgeous Dolls Quilt. I love it. I would be proud to be an owner of this little cutie :-)

Also there are many other doll quilts that others have linked to so sit down with a cuppa and be inspired. Cheers Lynne

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Block 22 Nearly Insane

B22 Nearly Insane
Photo will enlarge
I can finally say it is finished. Plan on putting it into the row later. I am happy The little kitties just fit.
Next blocks to complete are 47 35 and 17. The last two are complex and I just noticed I have not made 18 which is in the next row. That is a bit of a doozy. I am well on the way to finishing all the blocks though.
Cheers Lynne

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nearly Insane Block 28

Now this one took me longer than it was meant to. My sewing machine has been crying from lack of use.
Took 2 photos and the colours are still not quite right. The outer red is a stronger red than shows. I do like the way all the colours interact with each other. Not quite complimenting each other but happy all the same. I think that with this block the fabrics were harder to choose than doing the block itself. I will add it to the row. Choose the colours for the dreaded block 22 and give myself time on the Pie in the Sky quilt for a little while. B 22 is the last block I need to do to complete the row. Have a great Weekend all Cheers Lynne

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nearly Insane and Looking Good :-)

Well I have put a bit more together. Have not sewn the row on as I still have the other 2 blocks to make. Have chosen fabrics for B28 and started it. That was a hard one to chhose the colour for. Usually I choose without using any of the other blocks as  an influence but I thought that I would like a strong block for 28 so stay tune.
My photos can be enlarged for close ups.
It is a long weekend here and we are enjoying a little bit of sun. little bit of rain and a little bit of sewing. :-)
Enjoy Cheers Lynne

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nearly Insane Block 34

Block is finished :-) I am happy One more block in this row before I am forced to tackle B22. The one I have been avoiding forever! One of my most favourite fabrics is the Sturbridge Apricot. Wish they made more repro apricots. I have less than a F8 left of this one and lets just say I will be very sad when it is gone.
Gorgeous Spring day here and it is going to be even better tomorrow. Happy Sewing All                 Cheers Lynne

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nearly Insane Block 34

I have unearthed my Nearly Insane and  as I am now putting the rows together and need to fill in gaps Block 34 is next on the list. As we have had some glorious Spring days I decided that the centre needs to be a buzzy bee. This is a fairly simple block so I have no excuse not to finish it!
Here are some of the Pie in the Sky Blocks pieced with their sashing as I go along. Decided to stitch them together in units of 4. I probably have 1/3 of the blocks made for a Queen Size quilt and plan on using the pieces as leaders and enders as I progress to the next quilt for the week. Must confess I just so loved making these blocks that the intention of rotating quilts once a week stretch to 3 weeks on this one!  I do have lots of fabrics cut so I can work on this side by side with Rowan’s Quilt. Hopefully will have pictures to take of that one soon. The quilt will have a totally different flavour as the two brothers are so totally different.
Groups3w Groups1wHave a great Sunday and make sure to fit in some time for yourself :-)  Cheers Lynne

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Quilt

Photo will enlarge for closeup to see all the conversationals.
This is my 12 days of Christmas quilt. I actually made two. One for me and one for a friend. She has hers and I was dragging my heels finishing off mine. Except for the borders hers is the same as mine. I just did not have enough fabric to make the same borders too. There are a few conversationals in there. Sandcastles and shells to signify where I live. Little birds cause I love bird fabric Bees and a bee hive, Roses because I love them and my friend Nancys favourite colour is blue so lots of that and her favourite fabric the apricot Sturbridge in the nine patch. That is now becoming a precious fabric as there is very little left.

Have a look at the gorgeous quilt that Taryn is giving away. It s the most gorgeous Dolls Quilt. I love it. I would be proud to be an owner of this little cutie :-)

Have a Great Week All  Cheers Lynne
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Morris Meadows

Morris-Meadows3 Morris-Meadows1 Morris-Meadows2

Well the top is finished. I had not done machine buttonhole for about 5 years and discovered that it is like riding a bike – something that you never forget. I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt. The buttonhole is  very fine and I used matching cotton threads. I am waiting on delivery of the backing fabric to machine quilt. The sashings do not match as I thought that the fabric was so busy that it did not really matter.

Currently I am working on Pie in the Sky a Kim Diehl Quilt. No 2 son needs a new quilt for his bed. The pattern is a star in a shoofly and is fun to make. When I have made a few more I will take some photos. I also need to make a quilt for No 1 son. Have the fabric and am making a combination pattern. A bit from here and a bit from there. Not started yet but I am going to try doing a bit of project a week with every week a different one. Could come unstuck but it is worth a try. I have not given up on the Nearly Insane and that is one of the weekly projects.

Stay Tune  Cheers Lynne

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ideal Travelling Machine

Sorry my blog has been quiet for so long. We are well however life in general took over for a bit. A long Bit. I am still sewing quite a bit and the pastels have taken a back seat for a while as I only have time for one or the other and my sewing machine wins hands down!
The Ideal was designed by Leslie Slater around 1910 but it was not until 1921 that they actually started to produce these machines. It was designed as a lightweight transportable chain stitch machine. However they were not a success and the company had failed by 1922. Do not know where they were manufactured but many were as there are quite a few survivors. However the quality of the nickel plating was poor and many of them are not in Ideal condition.
Cheers Lynne