Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kate McKenzie :-)

This a very special Singer model 12 which is absolutely covered in Mother of Pearl Inlay and Gold decals.
KMRearw KMFendw
Everywhere you look there are decals and inlay even around the edge of the bed. If you enlarge the photos you will see that even the plates have designs etched onto them.  KMTopw
I do see where George Ross McKenzie was one of Singers Presidents in 1882. Maybe? The Kate McKenzie name is a name which seems to have been lost in history.  If anyone has any theories or documented information of the Kate McKenzie,the owners of this machine as well as many sewing machine enthusiasts would be thrilled to hear.

WheelandpipingwEven the flywheel and treadle plate are covered in decals.  treadleplatew
This Gorgeous Machine is a Singer 12K. In the Centre of the Bed are the words Kate McKenzie 1879. The Mother of Pearl is absolutely Stunning and her decals are rich and glorious. Every part of her is heavily decaled as you can see. Her Walnut Veneer is stunning.  She is a truly Stunning machine and like I said a privilege to see in real life.
Cheers Rob and Lynne

Block 51 and a Teaser

Block 51 is finished :-) I managed to insert the gorgeous scissors which were part of a fabric piece won on Bemuseds blog. I love them. The gorgeous red was compliments of my good friend Rosemary and that Apricot is one of my good friend Nancys signature fabrics. A Special block for my Nearly Insane Quilt.
Sometimes you have the privilege to see a Machine that just leaves you speechless – a one off Special. This machine is one of those. Click on her photos for the larger image.  Will post her photos later on tonight.
Cheers Lynne

Monday, March 22, 2010

Block 46 Nearly Insane

This Block did not work. I tried Jan to put the button in the centre as a feature but it was not going to work and I then made an error and had a row a holes. Those gorgeous fabrics of yours will get used but I will have to wait til the right Nearly Insane week.
B46wFa B46w
Has anyone any secrets to photographing straight. This block is square, It is me who is the problem. The centre is a gorgeous flower. The gorgeous dotty fabric was a purchase during our recent holiday to Tasmania. An Early Elly S Baltimore Beauties range. Just Love it.
Will post a few photos of our holiday soon. Have a great Day  Cheers Lynne