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Jones Hand

Monday, March 22, 2010

Block 46 Nearly Insane

This Block did not work. I tried Jan to put the button in the centre as a feature but it was not going to work and I then made an error and had a row a holes. Those gorgeous fabrics of yours will get used but I will have to wait til the right Nearly Insane week.
B46wFa B46w
Has anyone any secrets to photographing straight. This block is square, It is me who is the problem. The centre is a gorgeous flower. The gorgeous dotty fabric was a purchase during our recent holiday to Tasmania. An Early Elly S Baltimore Beauties range. Just Love it.
Will post a few photos of our holiday soon. Have a great Day  Cheers Lynne


Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

Love the blocks you have made. Beautiful fabrics. But I can't help you with the photo problem - I figth with it myself ;-)).
Have a nice day.

ria vogelzang said...

I don't mind a not entirely straight photo, because I know that we (quilters) want all our blocks to be straight.
Your NI-blocks look so pretty!! The colour-scheme is really gorgeous!!
Have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Your block looks lovely - I'd suggest you scan it if you have a scanner. That's the way I always use and it's much more effective.

ranette said...

My photos are always crooked too, so no help to you there :o)

Gorgeous blocks and I'm glad to see you back at it.

Daniƫlle said...

Glad you are back! Missed you! Sorry no tips available hihi! Love your blocks for the NI! Still have to make a pic of my grandma's Singer, but maybe someday:)), not today though, have to work in the garden! Happy sewing, take care, hugs, Daniƫlle XXXD

Jongleur said...

Hi, you probably need keystone correction which can be done in Adobe Photoshop Elements.


Barb said...

the blocks look great!
the only photo suggestion I have is the obvious one, make sure you are directly in front of the subject with your feet straight.
either way, thanks for sharing!