Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Block 4 and 53

Block 4 Has a Bee in the Centre
Block 53
I rather like this one. Totally different but still a star. The next block I need to do is Block 7 which just by chance happens to be another star and then the dreaded Block 8 which I have successfully avoided since the beginning when it was issued as a challenge. I have been making this quilt since November 2008. There was a while when it was on the backburner but now I am enjoying it with renewed enthusiasm.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Cheers Lynne

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nearly Insane Block 48

I have finished one of the blocks for the week :-)
Fussy cut the red and the black edge is fussy-cut from the same fabric. The black star and the gorgoeus yellow are fabrics I bought form the Quilted Crow while we were in Tasmania on our second honeymoon.
This quilt will be a journey of many memories. I am having fun. Cheers Lynne

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ward Brothers Sewing Machine

Just love these gorgeous Daisy Decals on this “Vesta” made Hand crank machine sold by Ward Brothers in Melbourne. She looks like she has hardly been used.
This machine is a vibrating shuttle with the long style shuttle. It also can sew in reverseWard-Rear-w
Vesta manufactured this machine c1930’s. It began as L.O.Dietrich based at Altenberg in Germany. The name was changed to Vesta around 1910 .     WardFrontw
Ward Brothers were a big department store based in Melbourne.
Notice the pin cushion on the parts box.
If you click on the photos they will enlarge nicely.
Cheers Rob and Lynne

Block 40 A Little of the Adelaide Collection


Block 40 Features fabric I wanted to use from the Adelaide Collection (Bird in the centre and the 4 corners) Adelaide is where I live and I thought it most appropriate now that this gorgeous range just come out thanks to
the Lovely Michele Hill and Jason Yenter.

Just so love the Serpentine too. I have to confess I did not even look at the way the block was presented in the book this time. Nor did I plan this block apart from really wanting to use the birds in the middle and they only just fit and the cornerstones of gorgeous from the Adelaide collection . Influenced only slightly by recently acquiring the gorgeous serpentine. The rest of the block I just let talk to me as I went along :-)

Block 2 (my personal weekly challenge as I need to make a few to fill the gaps so that I can start to sash my blocks) features a sewing machine. Fabric again thanks to
Jan from  Bemused. I was lucky to win this fabric last year. The 'L' came from the same FQ.

Remember the blocks are set on point so the sewing machine another squeeze fitted just but I am pleased with it. The cornerstones are straight it is just that I photograph on a board and cannot pin the flat so the edge is angled up
Looking forward to next weeks challenge on the Nearly Insane Yahoo group . My Personal Challenge for next week will be block 4. If I tell you all I will have to make sure I finish it or should I say both.

Rob has just taken photos of a sewing machine so I will put them up soon too. Cheers Lynne

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nearly Insane Block 1

Nearly Insane Block 1  (33 pieces)This is the 49th Block I have made. I thought it was 50. Oh well next one will be.
Taryn that is your little spinning top in the centre. I have not made Block 2 yet so that might have to be the next one. Wish I could say I got lots of sewing done this weekend but I did manage a few hours so that was nice.
Cheers Lynne