Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nearly insane Block 3

Love the colours. The Greens and the light red background were a little Christmas gift from Rosemary. The darker Reds were 5inch Charm squares. I made it red Green and Gold because it was Christmas week.
Have 2 more blocks nearly finished so stay tune :-) and yes they are still Red and Green for Christmas :-)
Enjoy your Christmas Week and I wish Everybody a Happy and Safe New Year.
Take Care

Christmas Teapot

My other passion is all things Japanese and yes I do have a Japanese fabric stash just have not added to it for quite a while. I regularly get my fix of sushi and love Japanese teapots. Robert and Ross bought me a lovely one for Christmas. Beautiful Rich colours. Hold about 2 cups. It is a real little treasure.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gorgeous Jones Handcrank

Rob has just found himself another Christmas Present. Just as well it is his birthday coming up soon because any new finds can be that!! The Decals in the centre bed are just gorgeous .
In true Rob fashion he has pulled every last nut and bolt off the machine and given her the polish she deserves. She is now out on display for all to see.

Notice all the lovely Scrolls/Leaves on the Arm and Crank of this machine. They are just amazing aren't they.

I have ordered the new Annette Gero Historical Quilt book for myself for Christmas. It is a little late at the printers and will not be here til early next year. Never mind I just know it will be worth the wait. Annette and Kim McLean have joined together to
write this book, The
Fabric of Society.
There is to be a CD with the book
will have instructions for a lot
of Kim's Gorgeous Quilts.

Have a Great Day All



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Block 11 Simple but love the colours :-))

Block 11 Doesn't look 6 inches does it. That is what I like about these blocks they all look like mini quilts. I am having fun.

Bye For now

Block 88

Block 88 is finished It is two halves for the sides I am having fun.
Off to sew some more :-))
Keeps me out of mischief

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nearly Insane Blocks 42 + 81

Block 81 Mostly greens this one. The corner blocks are an older repro. Just had to put the bird in. :-)

Block 42 Need to brush up on my photography as it is a little blurred. Like the double pinks.
Well I have been keeping up. Block 42 (120 Pieces) this week was a challenge :-) but must say am pleased with the result. BTW
These have been paper-pieced. I know some of the girls handpiece but I enjoy paper-piecing and it is accurate.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Here is a picture of her in all her glory. Her woodwork is as good as her head with all the gorgeous beading along her centre drawer. I feel privileged to own her.

A close up of her Arm. Don't you just love those decals. Trust me Rob is impressed too. He sees her differently though and has lovingly given all her woodwork a polish

Absolutely Gorgeous Red Eye Head

This machine dates to 1912 with decals fondly known as the Red Eye.

Sometimes inspiration comes your way shouting. We discovered this beautiful beautiful Singer 66 last weekend and had to share it with you.

Don't you just love the designs.

I don't think that this machine has ever been used and yes I have had her working and she sews so smoothly and just purrs along.

As you know I have drawn the designs on some of the machines before and this one is calling to me.
That Red and Green.
From a collectors view there is barely a mark on her. There were two treadles and the other Gingerbread/Tiffany 15K it seems was the machine that was used. She was still in lovely condition, but this is the one that is singing to me :-)
Will post some more of her photos

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Block 78

Well I am on a roll :-) and here is B78.
The pink is a special fabric shared by a special friend. Isn't it nice when we can use those special fabrics in special quilts. The red in the centre is special fabric too. It is part of a special present to my friend.
Quilts have so many memories hidden within. I know Rob would Love it if his machines could talk and let us know their stories.
Well I think that our quilts have as many stories too. :-)
Cheers for now :-))

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nearly Insane Quilt

I have just purchased the Nearly Insane Quilt book by Liz Lois in a moment of insanity :-)

It is a version of the Salinda Rupp quilt made in the 1870's in Pennsylvania. 98 different intricate blocks measuring 6 1/2inches. One block has over 200 pieces!! Have just made my first - block 10 using Reproduction fabrics. This quilt could be addictive as well as insane. Liz has just released another book call Just Plain Nuts and I have to confess to buying that book too. Plan to make a block a week in between my other projects. Before you know it (probably about 2 years) it will be made. I know it will be a lot of fun in the meantime.
Thank Goodness the boys are now on School Holidays. No more commuting! That gives me another 2 hours to my day. Isn't that wonderful. Have not done any of the dreaded Christmas shopping. The only person sorted is Rob. Plenty of time ;-)
Bye for Now