Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wertheim Triplex Handcrank c1895

Triplexbed decals
Close Up of the centre bed decal showing the lovely Mother of Pearl. If you look closely near the stitch length adjusting knob you will see a second knob. This was for changing the machine from a lockstitch to a chain stitch. Pretty Fancy considering the age of the machine. It is called a Triplex because it also does another fancy embroidery stitch. As we do not have a manual to this machine we do not know much about this last stitch.
Triplex front
If you look carefully at the bobbin winder you will see an extension beyond the wheel which the grinding stone fits on. This was for sharpening needles.  Replacement needles were quite expensive and one made sure that the needle lasted as long as possible.

Triplex rear
The holes in the wooden base are because this handcrank has come out of a combination treadle base and the machine could be used as either a handcrank or a treadle. We do have the rest of the treadle but it is not in these photographs,
Cheers  Rob and Lynne

Nearly Insane Block 58

Have managed to make another block. This one is a bit of a hodge podge but I like it. Just love those spots and the gold and yellow. Actually it is a bit like the Aussie Green and gold. Hope to get a few more made this week. Hopefully time will permit.
Have a Great Day :-)  Cheers Lynne

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Block one is well on the way :-)

After a few hiccups I have block one of my  Civil War Bride Quilt well on the way. I am using Stitch N Wash Fusible Water soluble tearaway a Floriani Product. This is the technique used by Mariya Waters. Here is the explanation in a PDF document  Turned edge Applique . I am finding it a lot quicker. I adapted various applique methods I have read about incorporating this product. It does wash nice and soft. I do plan to wash each block as I go along before I put the quilt together. I am usually a non washer of fabrics and have been a good girl and washed all the fabrics before starting my applique.
I have used a washable pencil and a lightbox to draw pattern on the other side of my muslin.
Stay Tune for the hopefully completed block by the end of the weekend. I need to make My Nearly Insane block for this week too. Am a little behind the 8 ball but will get there :-)
Cheers Lynne