Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Block one is well on the way :-)

After a few hiccups I have block one of my  Civil War Bride Quilt well on the way. I am using Stitch N Wash Fusible Water soluble tearaway a Floriani Product. This is the technique used by Mariya Waters. Here is the explanation in a PDF document  Turned edge Applique . I am finding it a lot quicker. I adapted various applique methods I have read about incorporating this product. It does wash nice and soft. I do plan to wash each block as I go along before I put the quilt together. I am usually a non washer of fabrics and have been a good girl and washed all the fabrics before starting my applique.
I have used a washable pencil and a lightbox to draw pattern on the other side of my muslin.
Stay Tune for the hopefully completed block by the end of the weekend. I need to make My Nearly Insane block for this week too. Am a little behind the 8 ball but will get there :-)
Cheers Lynne


Julia said...

A good start's going to be lovely!
Julia ♥

antique quilter said...

your block looks great, Oh I love some of the fabrics your using, that green is an oldie but goodie!
can't wait to see it finished.

Pat said...

Lynne, you are off to a good start. Your method of applique is very interesting and I want to give it a try. I will be waiting to see the finished block.

Janet said...

I'm fascinated with that product. Does it take much fiddling to do the prep and does the product completely dissolve away? Also I bet the stitching part is quick. Your applique looks so sharp and even, gorgeous. Love your NI block too, great use of fabrics.

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Janet and All
Apparently the product does not completely dissolve away. There is not a lot of fiddling. Some I pre crease. Need a little quick manoevering and a pin point to hold down when I am doing the curves. It more or less acts as a third finger I have found it all fairly pain free. Have not washed a block yet to find out how much dissolves but if you read Mariya Waters comments according to her a little more dissolves after each wash. It is certainly not stiff. The stitching part is so much quicker and as I am little slow with appliquéing at the best of times I just love it so far.
Will wash the block when it is finished so stay tune 

Karen said...

Looking good and I love the fabric! Interesting method of applique.

PatchworkRose said...

I have washed my other applique block with the fusible inside. This block has more layers as I do not cut away the appliqued units before I attached to the background. I actually like the raised effect. Can report that the washed fabric is not stiff and still has a nice hand. Don't know how easy it would be to hand quilt through though.
Have prepared block 2 but am still appliqueing leaves on block one.