Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Blind Man’s Fancy Block

I have finished another block. The other two (the Same are well on the way. I do not plan the colours till I have done each part. I chose the Square in a square. Then after they were put together I chose the HST. Then finally the cornerstones for onpoint. I have had the centres made for ages. That is how I always work. I like each step to be a surprise. It always works out. Enlarge the block to get a closer view of the fabrics. The block is square it is just my photography  Have  a great week All Cheers Lynne

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another WIP Bears Paw

These blocks started out as Leaders and Enders to my Blind Man’s Fancy. Patterns is in an old Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and is called Little Brown Bear.  I am having fun just sewing the blocks. It will be a quilt one day, no rush. I will just enjoy the journey. Maybe I will do my own applique for the adjoining block. At the moment I am just enjoying the sewing. All Paper-pieced and the HST are all different. I just so love the super scrappy look. I still have 2 more borders to put on these blocks to bring them up to 12 inches. One is Another HST border. All those blues are going to sparkle.Block1wb Block2w Block3w Block4w together
All the photos enlarge. The fabrics are all repros but come from many collections Past and present. I just wish that I had started to collect Repros sooner. My stash of Repros has only been collected over the last 6 years and if I see any of the older ranges try to add them to the stash too.
Some people find Paper-Piecing maddening I just love it. Stay tune for the next borders.  Have a  great Weekend All and enjoy whatever you do :-)Cheers Lynne

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blind Mans Fancy Block Size 15in Finished

I am making 3 of each block for a swap among 2 friends.
Block1 Before I had those wonderful HST papers. In case you are wondering the HST made for  Block1 - 2 and 3 I have never delegated anything to the bin but they were getting the better of me. Just would not behave.
All the photos will enlarge :-)
B1f Block1 Version2B1-2fW Block2 
Love Bird Fabrics :-) Love this block.B2fWBeginning of  Block3
Beginning of B3 the HST this time are the same values. Just so that it looks different.B3b  I also have a finished project. totally different.
I have a great niece Zoe who is 1. I made her a present. Have not bought the little T-Shirt to match yet but plan on adding enough to it so that relates to the skirt. I has fun making this. It is nice and bright and fresh. Spring is here.
Close up of the flowers I plan to make another pink one and RicRac leaves to decorate the T-Shirt CUDecW Cheers Lynne

Sturts Desert Pea

    Week1 (All the photos enlarge)SPBuds1w

  Week2InFlowerW2CU  Week3 SturtPeaW2 SturtPeaW3Don’t you just love them. A dear friend gave them to me last year when I was not well. Hers all died. She probably looked after them too well. I am sad to say that I neglected mine and can not believe the results. These gorgeous flowers State Emblem of South Australia normally grow out in the desert.

Sorry for the blog break. Have not been well – Fibromyalgia and a shoulder that I would like to give away. It keeps me awake at night and severely encroaches on my alert time for stitching. I am slowly getting on top of things and have found medication I am not allergic to.

Will post a few of the things I have been doing. Not anywhere near enough but little by little I’ll get there.

Here is my Lorraine Lea Rose in the side garden.

LorraineLeaW    Cheers Lynne