Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Very Early Bradbury Soezy c1898

Hi Everyone
Thought you might like to see this one - a very Early Bradbury Soeze made as part of the first batch of machines and released for sale in August 1898. Her serial number is 77.
The early machines were quite different from the later made Soeze's. It has the Flat-Leaf spring tension on top of the machine and has the earlier floral style decal. This particular model is not common and the tension was changed after only 1000 were made.
We feel privileged to own her.
Rob and Lynne

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Quilt that the machine is sitting on was part of a 3 step mystery. It is only a little quilt but I have used lots of conversationals that my friend Nancy has shared with me and lots of reproduction fabric scraps. :-))

Now I am sure you have noticed that I still need to quilt this quilt.

That is on the To-Do for this year.

Til Next Time - Have fun

Cheers Lynne

Gold Medal 1870's

Photo 1
Hi Everyone This machine is a Gold Medal c 1870's made by Johnson Clarke & Company which later became the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company. If you look very carefully at Photo 1 you can see the Hand Painted Roses on the Left-hand side of the bed. This is one machine where we should have taken a before shot because she certainly did not look like this when we got her. Rob has polished her plates up beautifully and rubbed her brass til she shone. We do not ever touch up the paintwork or the goldwork that is what was under all the grime. She is a little machine classed as a Miniature and stands just 7 1/2 inches or 19cm high and is 11 inches or 28cm long. She is a chain stitcher.
Bye For Now Lynne and Rob

Nearly Insane Block 5

Hi Everyone
Happy Australia Day.
We went for an early morning 8.00am walk along the beach with family. Lots of People with their dogs. There was also a Jetty to jetty swim of about 3km. There is something about all that fresh sea air :-)))
Here is Nearly Insane Block 5. Bit fiddly but a fairly easy one. Love those reds and green.
I know it has been a while since I have posted but I have been making lots of Sawtooth stars for a swap and so NI blocks have taken a backseat. Should take a photo of all the gorgeous stars too. I cut the same strips and a feature centre for Nancy and Rosemary and myself. They inturn have done the same for me. Voila :-)) Thirty stars. Ontop of that there are thirty more as part of an international swap so I will have 60 stars. Stay tune for what is going to happen to all those stars.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I know these do not match but that does not matter as one goes at the top of the quilt and one half down the bottom. I fell in love with that double pink check.

Had to use some purple too.



A Man and his Shed

A Sewing Machine Collectors Dream.
A Shed big enough to hold everything.
Rob has his sights set on something bigger as this shed is not big enough!
He wants another story.
He is Mr Organised, has everything neat and tidy . Little trays to hold all the sewing machine bits. His collection of drawers is amazing. Mind you that is many years of accumulating.
He is at his happiest out here doing things. Pulling things apart and putting them back together again.
Yes there is still enough room to park my car - just. That is why he wants a bigger shed.

Now my Sewing room is definately not like this. I am not the tidy one. I like to have everything cluttered around me. Rob is not allowed to touch anything in there as the temptation to tidy might get too much for him!

My this new year is moving along quickly. Hope you are all enjoying it, whether it be in the shed, sewing room or out and about.

Very Best Wishes
Lynne and Rob

New Hope Japanese Clone of Singer 15

This machine is branded a New Hope and is a Japanese copy of the Singer 15 with a few added extras.
It has a dial on the bed for dropping the feed dogs (embroidery) and adjusting the presser foot pressure to sew finer fabrics(silk).
It came to us as a head only but we have put her in a base and added a repro handle - painted to compliment the colour and turned it into a handcrank.
She draws lots of admiration from many people. They just love her colour.
She sews well, although a little heavier as in how she handles, than a Singer 15. Might just be from lack of use. It is unusual for these machines to be decorative as this.
She wented along with us to the last Quilt show and attracted a lot of attention :-)
Cheers Lynne

Nearly Insane B12

I enjoyed making this block. Had some tiny pieces left over from a Dolly Kit and they have snuck in as the skinny bits. There is a great sense of satisfaction when even the smallest of leftovers find a new home on another quilt. I know I suffer from scrap madness which is a little sad but there is something about those little flashes of colour. and who would believe that a 5 inch square could spread itself around so much! Love the scrappy dots. They add another dimension.

Have a great Day All



Thursday, January 8, 2009

On a Roll and Nearly Insane :-))))

Block73 Conversational with a Pussycat playing Ball in the centre and there are some butterflies in the outer rectangle.
Block87 (two Halves) Farmyard Roosters and a French Rooster
Would you believe a lot of the reds came from a Charm Pack. Amazing how far a 4 1/2 inch square will go.

Block 83

This weeks block 25. Pieced it so there is a green BonBon in the centre. Love the Cheddars and Golds and Poison greens. I am a week ahead of myself as this is next weeks block.
I have been having a lot of fun making these blocks. Some are a bit time consuming but I actually find them relaxing.
That is 11 blocks made and 87 to go but who is counting.
My friend Rosemary (Pineapplerose)is making a wonderful red and cream version.
Rob is in the process of restoring some wonderful toys. A 1920's childs wringer, a little steam engine and a charming toy sewing machine. Stay tune for the photos.
Have a great day all where ever you may be.
We are off now for a walk along our wonderful beach. Soothes the soul.
Cheers Lynne