Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Man and his Shed

A Sewing Machine Collectors Dream.
A Shed big enough to hold everything.
Rob has his sights set on something bigger as this shed is not big enough!
He wants another story.
He is Mr Organised, has everything neat and tidy . Little trays to hold all the sewing machine bits. His collection of drawers is amazing. Mind you that is many years of accumulating.
He is at his happiest out here doing things. Pulling things apart and putting them back together again.
Yes there is still enough room to park my car - just. That is why he wants a bigger shed.

Now my Sewing room is definately not like this. I am not the tidy one. I like to have everything cluttered around me. Rob is not allowed to touch anything in there as the temptation to tidy might get too much for him!

My this new year is moving along quickly. Hope you are all enjoying it, whether it be in the shed, sewing room or out and about.

Very Best Wishes
Lynne and Rob

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