Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, December 13, 2009

After photos Singer 30

RearwAS CrankAS
Rob managed to get most of the pitting out of the plate using a combination of sanding filing and polishing. It took a while but the end results were well worth it.
There is still a few parts the he needs to find (minor).
She turns over beautifully. Have not had her sewing yet though. Rob is very happy with the final result.
CheersLynne and Rob

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rob’s Early Christmas Present ‘Before Photos



Crankw FrontEndw PulledApart2bw


Rob’s latest Treasure which he is meant to get for Christmas but the old itchy fingers could not wait to pull her apart and polish :-)

She came in the mail today. It took all his restraint to take before photos.

She is a Singer Model 30 Serial Number 3669684 made in 1913. She is a chain stitch machine and although it looks very similar to the Singer toy it is about twice the size. A reasonably uncommon machine, Rob has been trying to get one for ages. Stay Tune for her photo finish.

He managed to pick up another gorgeous machine this week too. No Before shots as he just could not wait. Stay tune for that one. Isn’t it amazing how you can wait all year and then just when you least expect it you have a find or in this case two :-)

 Cheers Lynne and Rob

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scrappy Heaven

Christine1a Block2wbab

My Surprise parcel from Christine arrived. Lots of wonderful repro scraps- so many they would not fit in the photo. There was also the latest Fons and Porter Magazine with a great article on nine patches and a Pattern from Miss Rosies Pattern Co. called December Rose and some needles to try out. Love all the baskets in the quilt.  I can see some of these scraps making their way into my Civil War bride quilt. So much colour. I love it. :-)


I have finished the Civil War Bride Quilt Block 2 and am making good progress on block 5. Slowly but surely I am getting there :-) Off to fabric Fondle :-)

Cheers Lynne

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Craft and Quilt Fair Adelaide

The Craft and Quilt Fair is on in Adelaide 5th 6th 7th and 8th November – that is from tomorrow. We are going to have a Vintage Sewing Machine Display like we had last year :-) Lots of Fun. I am also going to be making a baby’s throw quilt for the floor for a  Family member. We live down by the beach so the Quilt is to have a sea/beach theme. No Repro’s in this quilt. It is all cut out and ready to sew. My Friend Rosemary is going to help.                       Rob has a phone interview with ABC Radio at 6.30am tomorrow morning. Just as well he can bounce out of bed and be alive because I certainly could not. Need the big cup of strong coffee before I can do that.
This Lovely Red  Eye 66 Treadle will be part of the display. If you live in Adelaide, make sure you come along and say '”Hello”. I think we are next door to the girls from the Knitters Guild. I am certainly looking forward to seeing all the quilts on display.  Just need to remember to take the camera!CUARMBedWoodworkclosed    HeadRear
On another note can say I have nearly finished B2 of the Civil War Bride Quilt. Am a little slow I know but this quilt is being made from stolen moments of time. Exams are happening in our household in a big way. Both Year 11 and 12 so the tension is high! Those stolen moments are my sanity. Couple of weeks behind on the Nearly Insane quilt too but I just received a delivery of all this luscious fabric from AutumnRoseQuilting. She is wonderful and cuts F8ths and F16ths of full ranges Perfect for  Nearly Insane and the CWBQ. I do shop locally too but these were just too much temptation for me ;-)
           Cheers Lynne

Sunday, October 18, 2009

German Handcrank with Angels

 GermanHCASFrwGermanHCASCUwGermanHCASw  Domew
If you look closely in the centre of the bed and in the corners(the pictures can be enlarged-just click on them) you can see Angels on this beautiful German Saxonia Handcrank Machine. Machines with the large handwheels and internal gears are often called Saxonia machines as most of them were made in this part of Germany. This particular machine was made by Stoewer and would date to around 1900. Notice the porcelain Handle on the crank. Cheers Rob

Challenge 7 Red Items

 PaintedfansofjapanW PaintedfansofjapanW2

Painted Fans of Japan on my Japanese sewing box called a Haribako 1920’s. Notice the ruler at the rear of the top photo. My little pincushion has a cat button turned up for you to see. The mechanism inside is to act as the third hand for holding the kimono fabric as you handsew them together and also to hold the threads.


The red of the Sturt Peas (South Australia’s flower) in the stained glass at our front door.

NWbookHumptyW2bNWbookinsideW NWbookHumptyW  Don’t you love Humpty Dumpty. He is a pincushion.  My Sister-in-Law made him for me :-) The sweet little needlecase with the little ladybird pin for goodluck was made by my Dear Friend Nancy. One side has Strawberries in the centre and the other a bird. We collect bird fabrics :-)

Vulcan Minor Front 1

A Red Toy Sewing Machine. Had to have one of those didn’t we :-) This is a little Vulcan from the 50’s.

RedRoseW5Geranium1W  Red flowers from the garden A rose and a Pelagonium :-)


“Spring Radiance” A predominately Red Quilt made in a Judy Hooworth workshop quite a number of years ago.

I do have bright fabrics too :-)


My Kaffe Fassett Bag :-) Now I would like to Challenge Lurline to join in the fun and find 7 pink things from her home.  Cheers Lynne

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 64

Do you like the Wattle and Waratah together. Think I have made 40 blocks and only 58 to go. No Rush I am still enjoying the journey. Am going to do a little more on B2 of my CWBQ tonight, more leaves :-). Different colours. Hope to post a pic of a sewing machine on soon. Cheers Lynne

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nearly Insane B65

B65 is a few weeks late but is is done :-) The Centre is the Waratah – the floral emblem of New South Wales. Not a repro but a symbol. Next weeks block 64 has fabrics chosen and it will have some wattle and waratah. Just little scraps that give my quilt an identity :-)Love the Pink in this one. I only have the tiniest piece left but that is the beauty of this quilt. You only need little bits. Still Having Fun  Cheers Lynne

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 20

Well I finished B20. If you want a confession it is not meant to look like this. The top two triangles are meant to look like the bottom two. I don’t mind that they don’t. Did not want to make another and it is not a simple task undoing the errant ones. Mine simply have a mind of their own. Original blocks colours were nothing like this either. Mine definitely has a personality of its own just like its owner ;-) I am halfway through last weeks block too so stay tune. Have been busy appliquéing leaves on Block two of the CWBQ. I know it is slow going but it is also soothing too.  Hope everyone has a Good Eventful Week. Cheers Lynne

Monday, October 5, 2009

Finished Block 1 :-)) Started B2 and 5

Block 1 is finally finished :-) (Still have to do the black embroidery on the apples) and I have washed and pressed it. I am happy with it but I am at slow applique.
Still having fun
I do have all the leaves and flowers cut and prepared so I am much further than it looks. Had such Fun choosing all the greens.
I did not want to make the Bride block yet and so opted for B5 as I just wanted to choose another vase. Love the apples too. Have not chosen any of the other fabrics yet.
Cheers Lynne

Nearly Insane Block19

Well I actually got to turn the machine on :-)
Love this block. The Bird fabric is a remnant sleeve from a Liberty Country cotton shirt picked up somewhere on my travels a long time ago. Quite fitting for Spring really and we have had a wonderful Spring weekend. I have been out in the garden talking to the tomatoes and planting Mint and Basil. We even bought two Blueberry Bushes as they are a favourite and we thought it would be fun to see if we could grow them. Fingers Crossed
Cheers Lynne

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wertheim Triplex Handcrank c1895

Triplexbed decals
Close Up of the centre bed decal showing the lovely Mother of Pearl. If you look closely near the stitch length adjusting knob you will see a second knob. This was for changing the machine from a lockstitch to a chain stitch. Pretty Fancy considering the age of the machine. It is called a Triplex because it also does another fancy embroidery stitch. As we do not have a manual to this machine we do not know much about this last stitch.
Triplex front
If you look carefully at the bobbin winder you will see an extension beyond the wheel which the grinding stone fits on. This was for sharpening needles.  Replacement needles were quite expensive and one made sure that the needle lasted as long as possible.

Triplex rear
The holes in the wooden base are because this handcrank has come out of a combination treadle base and the machine could be used as either a handcrank or a treadle. We do have the rest of the treadle but it is not in these photographs,
Cheers  Rob and Lynne

Nearly Insane Block 58

Have managed to make another block. This one is a bit of a hodge podge but I like it. Just love those spots and the gold and yellow. Actually it is a bit like the Aussie Green and gold. Hope to get a few more made this week. Hopefully time will permit.
Have a Great Day :-)  Cheers Lynne

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Block one is well on the way :-)

After a few hiccups I have block one of my  Civil War Bride Quilt well on the way. I am using Stitch N Wash Fusible Water soluble tearaway a Floriani Product. This is the technique used by Mariya Waters. Here is the explanation in a PDF document  Turned edge Applique . I am finding it a lot quicker. I adapted various applique methods I have read about incorporating this product. It does wash nice and soft. I do plan to wash each block as I go along before I put the quilt together. I am usually a non washer of fabrics and have been a good girl and washed all the fabrics before starting my applique.
I have used a washable pencil and a lightbox to draw pattern on the other side of my muslin.
Stay Tune for the hopefully completed block by the end of the weekend. I need to make My Nearly Insane block for this week too. Am a little behind the 8 ball but will get there :-)
Cheers Lynne

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 16

Hi All
Sorry for the Bad Photo Was trying to take it so that you could see the hen, butterflies, cat’s head little baby blueberry and leaves forgot to make sure the camera was straight. Lots of little scraps. I had fun making this one :-)
Cheers Lynne

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mockery Socks are finished :-)

I have finished  my Mockery socks :-) Just love the pattern and it was just so easy. It is available here  as a free PDF download thanks to  Live to Knit . Pattern was easy to remember and relaxing to do. I needed something that I could just sit and do without too much thought. Yarn was bought from Stranded in OZ Melissa has a stall at the local Port markets. BTW she did tell me the dyelots were not from the same batch.
I know the 2 socks are different. They were bought as hand-dyed 50gm balls. I love the way each ball knit up uniquely and am not at all fussed that they are so different. They are socks with personality.
I have nearly finished another sock too and just love this one. Still have to make its mate though
Thank goodness I am starting to feel a whole lot better. It has taken a while and there were a couple of days last week that I missed altogether. Sometimes you do have to slow down to get better.
I have also made block 16 of Nearly Insane but have not taken a photograph of it yet so stay tune. It is simple but sweet.
Cheers Lynne

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Pears New Home




Photographs of My Lovely Pear Pin cushion and Needlecase in their new home. The rich red felt is just beautiful and I just love the toile.

Thankyou so much Jean from Linen and Raspberry


There was not quite enough room here to photograph My Lovely Pear Pin cushion and Needlecase. I have quite a few old pairs of scissors now. They are not all necessarily collectable but they all have a unique personality.

If you click on the photographs you will get a much larger look. I am discovering more about how to present better all the time :-)

Cheers Lynne who is feeling better every day :-)