Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, December 13, 2009

After photos Singer 30

RearwAS CrankAS
Rob managed to get most of the pitting out of the plate using a combination of sanding filing and polishing. It took a while but the end results were well worth it.
There is still a few parts the he needs to find (minor).
She turns over beautifully. Have not had her sewing yet though. Rob is very happy with the final result.
CheersLynne and Rob

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rob’s Early Christmas Present ‘Before Photos



Crankw FrontEndw PulledApart2bw


Rob’s latest Treasure which he is meant to get for Christmas but the old itchy fingers could not wait to pull her apart and polish :-)

She came in the mail today. It took all his restraint to take before photos.

She is a Singer Model 30 Serial Number 3669684 made in 1913. She is a chain stitch machine and although it looks very similar to the Singer toy it is about twice the size. A reasonably uncommon machine, Rob has been trying to get one for ages. Stay Tune for her photo finish.

He managed to pick up another gorgeous machine this week too. No Before shots as he just could not wait. Stay tune for that one. Isn’t it amazing how you can wait all year and then just when you least expect it you have a find or in this case two :-)

 Cheers Lynne and Rob