Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 16

Hi All
Sorry for the Bad Photo Was trying to take it so that you could see the hen, butterflies, cat’s head little baby blueberry and leaves forgot to make sure the camera was straight. Lots of little scraps. I had fun making this one :-)
Cheers Lynne

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mockery Socks are finished :-)

I have finished  my Mockery socks :-) Just love the pattern and it was just so easy. It is available here  as a free PDF download thanks to  Live to Knit . Pattern was easy to remember and relaxing to do. I needed something that I could just sit and do without too much thought. Yarn was bought from Stranded in OZ Melissa has a stall at the local Port markets. BTW she did tell me the dyelots were not from the same batch.
I know the 2 socks are different. They were bought as hand-dyed 50gm balls. I love the way each ball knit up uniquely and am not at all fussed that they are so different. They are socks with personality.
I have nearly finished another sock too and just love this one. Still have to make its mate though
Thank goodness I am starting to feel a whole lot better. It has taken a while and there were a couple of days last week that I missed altogether. Sometimes you do have to slow down to get better.
I have also made block 16 of Nearly Insane but have not taken a photograph of it yet so stay tune. It is simple but sweet.
Cheers Lynne

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Pears New Home




Photographs of My Lovely Pear Pin cushion and Needlecase in their new home. The rich red felt is just beautiful and I just love the toile.

Thankyou so much Jean from Linen and Raspberry


There was not quite enough room here to photograph My Lovely Pear Pin cushion and Needlecase. I have quite a few old pairs of scissors now. They are not all necessarily collectable but they all have a unique personality.

If you click on the photographs you will get a much larger look. I am discovering more about how to present better all the time :-)

Cheers Lynne who is feeling better every day :-)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Block 68 Nearly Insane


Still Behind but I have made a block :-)

If you look carefully you will see the hare and the tortoise, the chicken and the egg, a chick hatching out of an egg and a little yellow kitten :-) this was a fun block to make.

I am starting to feel better. Jean your gorgeous Pear and needlecase arrived yesterday :-) thankyou so much. I did photograph ithem in their new home but am not happy with the photograph ( blame it on the flu) so will do it again tomorrow Cheers Lynne

Mueller N15 Toy Sewing Machine c1910

MuellerFrW MuellerRrW

Made in Germany This little Machine is 7 inches high and long and 5 inches wide. It is a beautifully made Cast-iron Machine was available in Black, red and blue. In recent years the machine has been reproduced in Asia but these do not carry decals on the base of the machine

Cheers Rob and Lynne

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hellebore for Me


My Friend Marilyn  gave me this wonderful flower to cheer me up when I was sick last week.My little Virus joined up with another and I then discovered my little Virus was actually Swine Flu! Managed to get Tamiflu for the rest of the family who are asthmatic and showed all the symptoms. They have recovered with remarkable speed.

Poor Me has not and lets just say I am sick of myself and am suffering sewing machine withdrawals.

Heaven forbid at one stage I was actually really worried about living long enough to use my stash. Thankfully I have sufficiently recovered that those thoughts are over!

Could just do with a whole load of energy and would gladly give away this bark of mine!


I am taking things slow. The boys are learning cooking skills and are being very caring. I never normally catch colds etc, it is usually them. All you have to do is catch a couple in succession and Boy!                                                Keep Well everybody. If you are asthmatic and get the Tamiflu quickly enough it makes an amazing difference.

I am going out to say hello to the sewing machine today. Even if I get just a little sewing done or even a little fabric selection :-) Cheers Lynne