Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Friday, June 28, 2013

Two Finished Quilt photos. Zara's and my Pineapple quilt

Close up of Pineapple Quilt called Fabulous Friendships - Scrappy Delights
Hopefully you can see some of the machine quilting.

 I drew it all up on Glad press and seal using a white Gel pen
 and then free machine quilted it all. 
I am happy with the results and glad that this quilt is finally finished.
Overall View
Quilt started June 2006 at Quilt Camp and Finally finished 2013.

 Lets just say having my Bernina 820
has made a huge difference as to how easy it is now to quilt a large quilt.

 No more struggling with that small gap and a big quilt.
 Mind you it would have been quilt sooner but for a frozen shoulder
 and other health problems
 but I am just so so happy that I can now finish some of my tops.

 Zara's Quilt Close up Finished and given to Zara
Zaras Quilt showing edges and scrappy binding

 So Girls all I can say is that instead of blogging I have been sewing. Not a good excuse but I even have Ross's quilt as a top too. Have been trying to stay off the computer a little, because time flies while you are on it and the things that you wanted to get done don't get done.
The pineapple quilt is pieced on the back too.
Happy Quilting :-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free Wheelin is a Top

My Cot quilt is a top. I know I have been quiet on the blog but I have been sewing. I love the movement in this quilt and it is happy. Perfect for a little girls cot quilt. At the moment baby Zara is only 9 weeks old. Plenty of time to have this quilt finished in time for winter.
Pie in the Sky is a top too. It is in two pieces as I will quilt them separately and join to become the Queen size quilt that it needs to be.
Top34 Top3
Close ups. I do like those little hexagons in the  centres Top1
Will post the other quilt soon. Have a great week all. Cheers Lynne

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Still Free Wheeling

Still Free Wheeling thanks to Meredithe on Pomegranate and Chintz blog.

I have been having fun. I think that my blocks remind me of Lily pads. Not all the hexagons are sewn down but am getting there Must say I am enjoying these blocks and the little hexagon covers all the bulk in the centre. The last joining seam for the two halves has been ironed open.

Free Wheelin W6

Keep Cool everyone in all too sunny South Australia.

Cheers Lynne

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gardner 1871 Sewing Machine

Gardner Front
Rob’s Christmas/Birthday present.  Isn’t it gorgeous. Love the painted Roses on the bed. Would you believe he acquired the Manual over 10 years ago and now he finally has the machine that goes with the manual!
Gardner Sewing Machine Company was established in Hamilton, Ontario Canada in 1871 and went out of business in 1886.
This machine is called the Improved Gardner and is their first model.
All the photos can be enlarged for a closeup view.
Bed Gardner Gardner REARGardner Crank   Gardner Manual GardnerFrontend
Happy New Year to All
Cheers Lynne and Rob