Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free Wheelin is a Top

My Cot quilt is a top. I know I have been quiet on the blog but I have been sewing. I love the movement in this quilt and it is happy. Perfect for a little girls cot quilt. At the moment baby Zara is only 9 weeks old. Plenty of time to have this quilt finished in time for winter.
Pie in the Sky is a top too. It is in two pieces as I will quilt them separately and join to become the Queen size quilt that it needs to be.
Top34 Top3
Close ups. I do like those little hexagons in the  centres Top1
Will post the other quilt soon. Have a great week all. Cheers Lynne


Daniƫlle said...

Understand completely, not enough hours in a day!! Love this cot quilt, the fabrics you have used, Zara will love it so much! I like the little hexagons you made too!! Hugs, Daniƫlle

RG said...

Oh Lynne, this IS fabulous!!
I too love the movement in this quilt.
Such a fun quilt for a little girl... so colourful!
You're making fantastic progress too :)

marina said...

the top has come together beautifully!
what a great job.

Barb said...

fun quilt! Love the movement and colors -

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt top. It will make a lovely cot quilt. I look forward to seeing it finished.

RG said...

Hi Lynne,
Just wondered how you're going and what you're presently up to...
Thinking of you x