Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 90

Block90web Well Block 90 was an easy one :-) Nice little Birds. Do you know how hard it is to buy repro fabric with birds. The light Fabric is an old piece if Liberty Country Cotton a Strawberry Thief type bird. Only have a very little bit and it is so perfect to use here. Have not even looked at next weeks block. Have been sock knitting :-)

Cheers Lynne

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Reborn - Yes it is the same machine

Photos taken with the new camera. This Baby was made in Japan. She looks more like the Federation, foreign in Glenda Thomas book P121 Plate 2-322 than the machine on P141 Plate2-383.


You can see the lettering made in Japan very clearly on the plate.


Amazing how much you can now see of the gold lettering


The Woodwork has cleaned up beautifully and Rob has reshellaced just like it would have been.

babycaseafWeb2 The Blue of the case did not photograph well. It is a more deeper blue than this and I cannot get it quite right. Notice how you can see the word Baby now which was not visible before. Will try and take the photo again but the tone of the colour is more like the before shot. Maybe it is just the quilter in me being fussy ;~0

Have a Great Day Cheers Lynne

Pattern for sock and wonderful blog

I like this sock so much because I find it easier to join the circle at the toe. I use the crochet cast on and my sock just seemed to go together so much quicker. There is also no picking up of stitches at the heel. Little things that you put off doing and delaying the finish. You know I have two different socks on the go. It depends on my mood as to what part I feel like knitting. Usually knit two jumpers like that too.

Instructions for sock from the toe up

Sunrise socks (Caterpillar) Scroll down and you will see the picture and the PDF format for the pattern
Wendy has the most amazing blog so Inspirational and one to save and have a look at when you have spare moments. Cheers Lynne

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caterpillar Sock 1 Finished

Caterpilla-SocksWCaterpilla-SockTopWHi All Here is the first sock and the second is started and on its way :-) We have a new camera so I am getting used to that also. Like the definition. It does much better close ups. Have taken a close up of the stitch and the top as I knitted this sock from the toe up. A first for me and I think that I am a convert ! The other thing I also do is use double yarn for the Cast on or in this instance the last row and the cast off.

Now That I have the camera and the software sorted Rob will be taking pictures of the finished Baby tomorrow.

Stay Tune Cheers Lynne

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Sewing Machine is stripped down

babydismantled2w Here is the Baby Stripped and ready to roll. Rob is out in the shed at the moment :-) polishing her. He has probably stripped her down even further as I am sure he will remove the cotton reel and all the springs but probably does that when he gets to each section so parts do not get lost. Her plates will look totally different when you see them next. Stay Tune   Cheers Lynne

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1930's Baby Toy Sewing Machine Before Shots


Front Notice all the markings on the plate and the surface rust

babyrearBfWoodwork is stained too babycase

Finally managed to get Rob to take before shots of a toy . Usually he gets them home and before you know has them stripped and cleaned and put back together. It is an amazing transformation. This time I thought I would share it with you so you can see the transformation :-)

Stay Tune Cheers Lynne

Block 37 Nearly Insane


Sorry the photo is a bit blurred. I like the block though. Bit busy but you can still see the pattern clearly. Next weeks is an easy one. Might be able to get something else made too. I have finished sock 1 just need to sew the toe then I will show you a picture. Have a good weekend :-)

Cheers Lynne

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Block 69 Nearly Insane


Block 69 I had some fun and fussy cut a lovely Fabric from my Friend Nancy. There is a 2 little birds, 2 of my favourite-Roses a vase of flowers and a Fan. Had fun making this block. Took a while to do but am pleased with the result. Wish I could say I managed lots of sewing this weekend but I only managed to finish this off.

Have nearly finished knitting a sock too so it is not all bad. My first from the toe up. Catepiller colours. Stay tune for the photo. Rob has not taken his photos this week yet. He is still thinking ;-)

Have a good week everyone :-) Cheers Lynne

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Frister and Rossmann Chainstitch Sewing Machine

This lovely little chainstitch machine was obviously based on the American made Willcox and Gibbs and except for some minor differences is almost identical. Although I have no proof I believe they were made under licence and I believe would date to c1900. Its serial number is 3640.
Although the serial number is quite low I would think that the numbers only relate to this model which were definately made in very small numbers.
Unfortunately I do not have the cover for it. It would be wonderful to get one :-)
Cheers   Rob

Friday, June 5, 2009

Block23 finished in time


Don’t you love that poison green and the yummy cheddar.

The Background is a from the Jo Morton Cinnamon and Spice range. Photography colour is not quite right it is a softer colour than that but nice and warm. Quite a dramatic block with personality :-) I like that.

We have some lovely rain here tonight. Music on our tin roof.

Rob is off choosing the sewing machine for the week.

Stay Tune :-)) Cheers Lynne