Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Block 37 Nearly Insane


Sorry the photo is a bit blurred. I like the block though. Bit busy but you can still see the pattern clearly. Next weeks is an easy one. Might be able to get something else made too. I have finished sock 1 just need to sew the toe then I will show you a picture. Have a good weekend :-)

Cheers Lynne


Karen said...

It is a busier block but I like it very much!

ranette said...

I really like it and I think I'm gonna like your quilt better than mine! lol I'll just have to make another one won't I?!

Marilyn Robertson said...

Your blocks look great! A little quilting and a little knitting is always better then no quilting or knitting! Can't wait to see the socks you are working on now!

Jenny in Belgium said...

Great blocks but I must admit those blocks would really drive me "insane". How many more to go?

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Jenny
68 more blocks to go and I have not done the hardest one yet. There is a weekly block challenge I actually find them fun. A couple have me ursing but overall I treat each one individually and choose fabrics for each personality. Lots of conversationals in the blocks too:-)
Have a great Day

Mary said...

I hope this block was easier than it looks. You did a great job on it.