Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Reborn - Yes it is the same machine

Photos taken with the new camera. This Baby was made in Japan. She looks more like the Federation, foreign in Glenda Thomas book P121 Plate 2-322 than the machine on P141 Plate2-383.


You can see the lettering made in Japan very clearly on the plate.


Amazing how much you can now see of the gold lettering


The Woodwork has cleaned up beautifully and Rob has reshellaced just like it would have been.

babycaseafWeb2 The Blue of the case did not photograph well. It is a more deeper blue than this and I cannot get it quite right. Notice how you can see the word Baby now which was not visible before. Will try and take the photo again but the tone of the colour is more like the before shot. Maybe it is just the quilter in me being fussy ;~0

Have a Great Day Cheers Lynne


Marilyn Robertson said...

Wow! Baby is a beauty!

Judi said...

Hello Lynne,
We have just got ourselves an identical toy machine at an auction with the intention of restoration. We are blown away by the restoration job Rob has done - just brilliant. Are you able to help us by guiding us as to what is the best thing to use to restore the chrome plate so well...Rob has done a fantastic job and we would really appreciate a hint on the chrome!!
Many thanks,
Cheers, Judi and Wayne

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Judi and Wayne You need to set your blog so that I can send an email to you.
How did Rob get those plates looking so wonderful. They were wire brushed with a wire brush and a bench grinder back to bare metal. They were then polished by hand with 600 grade emery paper. Finally they were polished with a cloth buff on the bench grinder using a wax based polishing stick.
Good Luck. Any other queries send us an email using the about me profile page.

Judi said...

Hello Lynne,
Thank you so much for the help - we will try that!
Cheers, Judi and Wayne