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Jones Hand

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mrs. Teddy

Isn’t my Sister-in-law Jay just so clever. Look what she made me for my birthday. Mrs Teddy. She has pins in her hat. (All the photo’s can be enlarged if you click on them)
I have inserted two old Glass Headed pins into her shoulders  to make sure she does not lose her bags.
In her bag she has a $2.00 coin for emergencies :-) and in the other bag one of my Thimbles.
If you look carefully she has a Needle Threader in her Pinny and two pockets for just in case. Her carrier has a pocket for Scissors. The scissors are just lovely.
The insides of the bags are a gorgeous pink with heritage green outside and  lovely fine embroidered bees and flowers. Mrs Bear is Felt as is her hat and bags. Her Pinny and Carrier are made of Quilting cotton
I love the Beehive on the back of her Pinny and she carries a Tape Measure tied up with a button.
If you undo the sweet Glass buttons of her Pinny she has a Needle book of flannel as a petticoat embroidered with lovely flowers and leaves.
Oh my goodness and underneath her petticoats she has lovely lace knickers with pink bows.
Jay is so clever and I just love all the embroidery. I count myself as pretty special and privileged to have such a wonderful Sister-in-Law and to own Mrs. Bear. Cheers Lynne


Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

Dear Lynne.
First of all - Happy Birthday to you. I hope, you had a wonderfull day.
Ooooh what a cute Mrs. Teddy. I just love to look at the photos and see all the details. Fantastic she looks.
Hugs from cold Denmark,

ranette said...

Happy birthday Lynne!!!

Mrs. Teddy is just about the cutest thing I've ever her!

Daniëlle said...

Happy birthday from me too!!! Your Mrs Teddy is gorgeous!! Love her underwear hihi! Your SiL did a wonderful job!! Birthday hugs XXXD

Julia said...

Love Mrs.Teddy..
oh so cute her little lace knickers and petti..gorgeous your S-I-L did a great job..
Happy Birthday Lynne...mine is on Saturday, we are both Aquarians.
Julia ♥

Clara said...

I can't believe my eyes! Mrs Bear is really gorgeous with her unbelievable hat and underwear. Happy birthday. Hugs from Sicily, Clara.

dragonfly gypsy said...

Hi Lynne, Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog and Happy Birthday. I just adore the teddy is there a pattern? I have been reading your blog as well as
I collect miniature sewing machines. I also have the Jones.
Best wishes Sharron

Valentina said...

Happy Birthday!
Now Mrs Bear is totally prepared for a stich-in!
greetings from Cyprus

WholeLottaSinger said...

Happy BDay! That's beyond adorable!