Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nearly Insane Block 33

Not happy with my block 33 Thought it looked odd in the book.I want to turn those units around so that it is more or less symmetrical.As is is paper-pieced it is not easy to turn the units around.  Maybe Salinda was having a bad hair day :-)
Feeling a little better as I see that Tazzie interpreted the block the same too. Maybe I should  just leave it as a quirk.
Love that Dargate Indigo in the centre and decided to go for Green and Gold  as an Aussie symbol. Pink is there as there are small pink flowers in the indigo. Besides I just happened to like that pink.
Finally finished all 120 units of 4 Flying geese!  Loved doing them but I was sure glad to finish.
I can now concentrate on Nearly Insane and Maltaville. Have a Great Week All  Cheers Lynne


Pat said...

Lynee, Block 33 is very pretty. Good job! I think that a lot of Salinda's blocks looks like she was having some sort of bad day.

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

I love this block and the colors you chose! Glad to hear you made such great progress on the Flying Geese. Wish I were making such good progress on my projects!

Dawn said...

Looks great. I love your color choices - as usual!

Taryn said...

I really like your fabrics and colors in this block.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love it! Leave it as a quirk!

viridian said...

I have that pink fabric! Wish I had purcahsed that blue when i saw it. I am slowly working thorugh nearly insane, following the posting Deb has put in the Yahhoo group for us. viridian

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Viridian

I have actually just gone through all my blocks and ticked off what I have made on the diagonal map in the book. I have even cut sashing and cornerstones!!
Need to make Block 98 before I can start but I am going to start just making blocks to fill the gaps so I can slowly put the quilt together. Still thinking about whether I am going to make the hand pieced diamond ones or not. Might add a few doubles in different colourways. I am simply not keen on all those diamonds. I would rather make a couple of other really hard ones in their place
The blue was actually purchased much later. Fabric clearance somewhere. I love it.

Will be watching out for your blocks