Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blind Man’s Fancy Block 4 and 5

I know I have been quiet for a while. Small problem or in our case large Internet problems We were going at snails pace there for a while. Thank goodness we could still send emails but I do now have a much greater appreciation of the returned speed and really feel for those on much slower speeds.
Block4 B4Wfin
Block 5 I have made half of  2 of 3 of B5  so still have one and a half to go. Am getting there and then I have not counted how many flying geese blocks I need to make. It will be interesting to see Rosemary and Nancy’s versions.
FD2P2Bw FD1P3Bw FD1P4BwPhotos 1,2 and 3 are my Greensleeves Roses Day 1  There are no Green Tinges yet
FD1P1Bw Pho1D2
Greensleeves Roses Day 2  Usually there is a distinct lime green colour. Stay tune.
redrosew2A Red Single Rose Look at all the buds behind it. It really has been a  wonderful year for roses. I just love them. There is lots of Garlic growing amongst my roses.
Have a Great Sunday Cheers Lynne


Anonymous said...

welcome back, love the roses and your blocks


Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

Lynne, good to see you back again. I love your Blind Man's Fancy Blocks. They are all breathtaking, but also the Little Brown Bear blocks look great.
Your roses are blooming wonderful. Here the very last roses are blooming, but very very soon say good bye for the winter.
Have a nice sunday.

Barb said...

Oh! your blocks are lovely and the rose photography is glorious!

Mimi said...

lynne...I just found you through the Beyond the Cherry Trees blog and I am in awe of all the beautiful, old sewing machines that you have. They make my heart sing! My husband and I are just now starting to pick up a few old ones when we see them. I have a couple featherweights, a Wilcox and a Russian toy sewing machine. Thank you for sharing and I will keep checking back on your blog to see what's new.