Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Friday, June 25, 2010

1920’s Beale Sewing Machine

Gorgeous Art Nouveau Decals Made by  The Free Sewing Machine Company of Rockford, Illinois. Branded for The Beale Company based in Sydney. This company manufactured Pianos as well as selling a range of sewing machines. This sewing machine has the long bobbin and shuttle often referred to as a bullet shuttle.
The Decals are if you look closely Stylised Peacocks. A wonderful example of Art Nouveau of the time.
Yes I have drawn the decals and plan to use them as inspiration in a quilt. They are talking to me.
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have a great Weekend Cheers Lynne and Rob


Sandra Henderson said...

Oh wow!~ Your machines are amazing! What a collection! So glad you came to visit me and enter my giveaway so that now I can find YOUR lovely blog! I'm putting you on my list so I can keep up with your postings>.... XO

Daniëlle said...

Such a lovely machine! Gorgeous decals!! Talking??? Yelling you mean hihi!!!! Have a nice weekend, hugs, Daniëlle

Caroline in NH said...

Gorgeous machine! Those decals are fantastic, I can see using those in a beautiful applique.

Lianne Gould said...

Hi Lyn and Peter,
After running into you Lyn, I remembered to look at your blog.
What a wonderful experience!
Its now booke marked on my computer.

Many thanks Lainne Gould.

Wenche said...

What a beauty. Mine is mostly black and with some gold and a bit boring comaprred to yours :)

Karen said...

What a beautiful machine. The design work on it is unusual and so pretty.

quilting Jeannet said...

What a wonderfull machine you have, it looks so good the old machines, nice to see your blog!

greetings, jeannet