Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adler Wheeler and Wilson 9 Copy c1900


Yet another copy of the very successful Wheeler and Wilson 9 design with a few modifications, this beautiful German Adler is extremely well made and very heavy. It has a lovely Art Nouveau influenced design and came complete with its amazingly decorative wooden Dome.



Kochs Adler were based in Bielefeld and continued making sewing machines up until the 1970’s

Cheers Rob and Lynne


Karen said...

The dome is beautiful. Love the eagle on it. When I used to be on the hunt for the vintage & antique machines, I was always attracted to the very decorative ones. Couldn't afford most but it was fun to look.

Julia said...

Beautiful machine Lynne.
Looks very heavy and well made..
The beautiful dome is a work of art...
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

What a lovely machine and I love the quilt in your header too.


Stephanie Newman said...

Well the Adler's a beauty! Is Rob's philosophy "machine out, machine in"? Just wondering, as I'm looking forward to re-homing that 201 from you very soon!
Your fabric stash must be as nice as the machine collection, I think, from the blocks you've displayed so far.