Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nearly Insane Quilt

I have just purchased the Nearly Insane Quilt book by Liz Lois in a moment of insanity :-)

It is a version of the Salinda Rupp quilt made in the 1870's in Pennsylvania. 98 different intricate blocks measuring 6 1/2inches. One block has over 200 pieces!! Have just made my first - block 10 using Reproduction fabrics. This quilt could be addictive as well as insane. Liz has just released another book call Just Plain Nuts and I have to confess to buying that book too. Plan to make a block a week in between my other projects. Before you know it (probably about 2 years) it will be made. I know it will be a lot of fun in the meantime.
Thank Goodness the boys are now on School Holidays. No more commuting! That gives me another 2 hours to my day. Isn't that wonderful. Have not done any of the dreaded Christmas shopping. The only person sorted is Rob. Plenty of time ;-)
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