Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Present - Goodes Toy Sewing Machine

I found Rob the perfect present :-))
I am just so pleased with myself.

Are you like me and cannot wait for the big day??

Well I got so excited after all it is not everyday that you find an Ebenezer Goodes Toy Sewing Machine. Who would not be able to resist spilling the beans with a treasure like that!

She Certainly has that WOW factor and Rob is over the Moon.

Her swing needle action is fascinating.
Her brass stitch plate gleams.

She is just gorgeous.
Interesting though, have had a look at a few pictures both in Glenda Thomas's book and on the web and those machines had the screws which attach the machine to the base Forward and aft not in the centre like this one has.
Rob thinks that this might have been an earlier model. The central screws created a weak spot so that when the toy machine was dropped by the little person the machine could have broken so the simple adjustment of screws solved the problem. What do you think???? Any theorys/imformation gratefully accepted.
Cheers for now

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Lucy said...

OOhh she is amazing beautiful!! a darling. You are so lucky!