Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, November 10, 2008

Craft and Quilt show

We had a wonderful time.
We displayed some of our machines.
Rosemary and I used our handcranks to show the public just how it was done :-)
Young and Old just had to come closer to listen.
Our machines were just so quiet. Mind you our mouths were going a mile a minute ;-)
The Quilts in the background are of the little kits that Rosemary is in the process of getting her kits together.
Her Etsy name is pineapplerose51.
See the gorgeous Dear Jane quilt the machines are resting on. Another of Rosemary's Creations Pieced on her Cranky Jane 99k Handcrank some on her Featherweight and some handpieced. All handquilted.

Better Photo of the Dear Jane Black Red and White. Isn't it just beautiful!!

Rob was having a great time too chatting away about his favourite topic. There was lots of interest and everybody's Grandmother it seems had a Singer.
Rob is standing next to an early Singer 15k Treadle c1885
and in the foreground is a
Winselman Titan
which is also a pleasure to sew on.

The Singer Lotus 66K Treadle was immensely popular.
The Singer Lotus 1925 is in the foreground.

One more photo of some of the handcranks lined up. In the foreground is a
Busy Bee Combination Treadle.
The Show was lots of Fun.
Hopefully more people will learn to Treasure these old machines.
After all they are all
Grand Old Ladies

Cheers for Now

Lynne and Rob


Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Lynne and Rob:

Great to discover your blog! Very nice display of the old machines and and quilts and I was thrilled to see the lovely Dear Jane quilt :-)! Rob looks right at home amongst the sewing machines and quilts.

PatchworkRose said...

Rosemary and I have just decided to do the Nearly Insane Quilt. One Step at a time :-)) Rob is at his happiest out in the shed tinkering with his machines :-)