Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gorgeous Jones Handcrank

Rob has just found himself another Christmas Present. Just as well it is his birthday coming up soon because any new finds can be that!! The Decals in the centre bed are just gorgeous .
In true Rob fashion he has pulled every last nut and bolt off the machine and given her the polish she deserves. She is now out on display for all to see.

Notice all the lovely Scrolls/Leaves on the Arm and Crank of this machine. They are just amazing aren't they.

I have ordered the new Annette Gero Historical Quilt book for myself for Christmas. It is a little late at the printers and will not be here til early next year. Never mind I just know it will be worth the wait. Annette and Kim McLean have joined together to
write this book, The
Fabric of Society.
There is to be a CD with the book
will have instructions for a lot
of Kim's Gorgeous Quilts.

Have a Great Day All




Anonymous said...

Dear Santa
I want one like this toooo!

Merry Christmas.
Judy B

Lucy said...

What an amazing beautiful sewing machine! I'm a toy sewing machine collector and I have had more room I would collect bigger machines too. I always sew on a featherweight they have my love!