Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 20

Well I finished B20. If you want a confession it is not meant to look like this. The top two triangles are meant to look like the bottom two. I don’t mind that they don’t. Did not want to make another and it is not a simple task undoing the errant ones. Mine simply have a mind of their own. Original blocks colours were nothing like this either. Mine definitely has a personality of its own just like its owner ;-) I am halfway through last weeks block too so stay tune. Have been busy appliquéing leaves on Block two of the CWBQ. I know it is slow going but it is also soothing too.  Hope everyone has a Good Eventful Week. Cheers Lynne


Cathi said...

I really admire you doing the Nearly Insane blocks. So many pieces!! So stunning!

Pat said...

Lynne, your NI blocks are looking so good. You can just say that you have an "original". I also love the CWBQ.

Julia said...

Beautiful Lynne..
me too, I really admire you doing the NI blocks...DJ was enough for me for a while anyway!
Julia ♥

Beth Karese said...

Gives it character. : ) I also am working on NI (very slowly), and I just received a large envelope from Australia - yes, CWBQ - that is tempting me to add to my plate.