Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nearly Insane B65

B65 is a few weeks late but is is done :-) The Centre is the Waratah – the floral emblem of New South Wales. Not a repro but a symbol. Next weeks block 64 has fabrics chosen and it will have some wattle and waratah. Just little scraps that give my quilt an identity :-)Love the Pink in this one. I only have the tiniest piece left but that is the beauty of this quilt. You only need little bits. Still Having Fun  Cheers Lynne


Lurline said...

This will be a great memory for you, Lynne - love the idea!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Cathi said...

These blocks are just so stunning. Love the effect you got with the fabrics in this one!

Beth Karese said...

The Waratah is a neat touch. Never heard of Waratah and Wattle till today. I'll stay tuned to see the Wattle. Great little block.

Una said...

Whaa, Lynne - you blow me away with these. So inspirational! Your quilt will be such a treasure! Take care, Una