Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sock Blockers


Look what my friend Rosemary made. Isn’t she just so clever. Just love the Celtic design. They are a perfect fit too :-). Nearly finished the socks. Just need to Kitchener Stitch the toe and it has been too hot to get to it and do it.

Yarn is Mountain Bearfoot Meadow. Just love the colours which of course are much richer than in the photo. When they are finally finished will take a closeup photo.

Cheers Lynne


Daniëlle said...

Colours are just great! Is it wool or a mix? And your friend Rosemary needs to get in business with the Celtic sock blockers!! Knitting socks is a hot item here in Holland! Have a nice day and take care! Hugs, Daniëlle

Anne-Mette said...

You lucky one to have such great Sock Blockers.
It looks so good to show the socks on the sock blockers and with such beuatiful ones as yours. Rosemary did a great job and so did you. I like the socks you are working on.

Taryn said...

Great job on the socks! I can't believe you can knit when it is hot. I went back to knitting this week because I was FREEZING and needed a warm hat. Almost finished with that so I can post a picture. The blockers are pretty.

Nadine Thompson said...

Love the socks. I am not a knitter but can really appreciate and admire those who do. Thank you for the kind words you leave on my blog. I am somewhat new at that and get a lot of pleasure from checking to see just who dropped by. Nadine

Karen said...

That is great! Love the celtic design.