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Jones Hand

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Howe Treadle

What a wonderful find Rob had and local too. She is not completely restored yet . There are still a few parts to be polished on the head. Believe it or not this machine has been stuck away in a shed for the last 30 years- well covered and protected.
We are only the third owners since new. The machine was made in 1872 and came with a range of parts including 2 little earspoons for collecting wax and even part of the original manual. I will get him to take a photo of the parts to show you all. See the brass badge of Elias Howe on the bed of the machine. The slide cover plates are brass too. She is in remarkable condition for her age.

Rob has just cleaned the wood and polished it. It has not been refinished. There is a little drawer not visible to the side and if you look carefully you can see the bobbin winder.
Look at the decals visible on the frame. All Rob has done is shellaced the frame to protect the finish.
This is the machine he has wanted to add to his collection since the beginning. Needless to say he is very pleased and proud to be the owner and protector of this wonderful machine.
Wishing you all a great productive New Year 2010
Cheers Rob and Lynne


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what an incredible machine. It's a real beauty.

Daniƫlle said...

Rob has a good begin of the year!! What a beautiful find it is!! Love the decals! Have a healthy 2010!! XXXD

Rae Ann said...

That is a beautiful find and a great way to start the New Year!

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

BEAUTIFUL! WOW...I love all of your machines!

Bia, from Brazil said...

I had a thrill to see these machines, close relatives of the one I´ve kept. I´ll be showing you the one that does the sewing around this place one of these days!

Dorothy said...

Lynne, I just love all those old machines. Rob does a fantastic job restoring them. Hope you both have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

The Oversewer said...

Amazing...what a find! Just found your blog from the ismacs digest. I've only been collecting for about 6 months now, but what an addiction. My next goal is a treadle, I've never sewn on one! Happy new year!

Nancy said...

Wow, Two great finds! Thanks for the wonderful pictures.
You quilt blocks are awsome too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting these.. Your Howe is amazing. I have become a collector of these early machines. I just finished a rebuild on my first and iam in process on the second. If you are interested, check out this thread on Quilting Board.