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Jones Hand

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Singer Model 13 Treadle Sewing Machine


Isn’t she a Beauty. Rob has not done anything to her. Looks like her woodwork could do with a light finish. This machine was for the Dressmaker who worked from home. She dates to 1888. She has a nice big Throat to accommodate the bulkiest of items or even that Double or Queen size quilt :-) Her shuttle is a boat shuttle and the bottom tension is achieved by threading under a bar and through a series of holes on the other side. To me this would be the most frustrating exercise.

Her decorations are the Acanthus Decals. On our Wishlist for this machine is a Manual.


The Wooden dome instead of locking from the bottom has a lock and a hinge from the top so that it opens like a lid and there is a bar inside the box to click around the arm of the machine to lock the dome in place. The Logo on the side of the treadle is the about double the size of the normal Singer Logo. Cheers Rob and Lynne


Anonymous said...

Your machines are beautiful, I have an old Jones in a cabinet and a German Handcrank and have often thought of selling them as they just sit here,hm maybe.


Karen said...

Beautiful sewing machine!

Chookyblue...... said...

this machine is beautiful........

Marilyn R said...

This is a beauty of a machine, but boy does it sound complicated to sew with!

PatchworkRose said...

The Threading is every bit as complicated as it sounds. I have a great deal of admiration for women of the 19th century. Mind you they would probably say the same when confronted with a computerised machine