Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Block 89

This block or actually there are two half blocks are for the sides of the quilt. I have snuck a piece of aboriginal fabric in one of the squares on each side. It is called Bush Tomato. I think it fits in quite well. My Friend Rosemary found it on her travels along with the lovely burnt orange repro. Thankyou :-)


We have had lots of rain and it is wonderful. There is even enough water in the gutters out the front in the street for the ducks from down the park to go for a swim and yes that did happen once.

Everything out side smells nice and fresh and wonderful.

I planted my garlic yesterday (in the rain) as the soil was nice and damp. Nothing like nice fresh garlic picked from you garden.

Now must choose the sewing machine for the week :-)

Will post it later

Have a good Day all Lynne

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