Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Monday, April 20, 2009

Block 14 :~) I am finally a week ahead of myself

Block 14 is done and I am know a week ahead of myself :~) For how long I wonder??? Totally different to the last block. Just love that Grand Teint and the two poison greens. Actually just love the whole block. It is not easy to find those intense reds. Those rich raspberries. I need to keep my eye out but have not seen any for a while.

Have started the next block and yes it is looking very different again. Stay Tune

Do I confess to working on it losing total track of time find it is past lunchtime and I have not got dressed for the day. Now this does not happen often but I did get a touch of the guilts. I was up early too so it was not a case of being a sleepyhead. Off to feed the starving. Cheers Lynne

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Una said...

I found your blog today and I just LOVE your NI blocks. Your sense of color is incredible. So inspirational.
I have to get myself some of that Grand Teint loveliness.
Greetings from Norway.