Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nearly Insane Block49

Hi All
Well I have finally finisheed Block 49. Don't ask me how many pieces. This week I had to finish it in little slots of time. What was interesting was that each time I came back to it I saw the block with new eyes and made slight adjustments to the next colour choices. The final background has lots of little birdies.
I like the finished results. Hard to believe that this block is only 6 inches isn't it
That is why it is called Nearly Insane.

The Victorian Bushfires have been very much on my mind over the past week. What has happened is absolutely devastating and it is very hard to comprehend the enormity of all that devastation and how so many peoples lives can be permanently changed. Just like that.
I plan to take time out to make a few special quilts as a way of sending a Big Hug. So many people worldwide have offered wonderful support. Just wish we could do more to help.
Take Care

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