Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brittania Tripod Treadle Sewing Machine

Hi All
One of the more unusual machines that we have found locally, in the next suburb in fact :-)), is this English-made Brittania sewing machine, featuring Brittania on each of the legs with the wording Slavery Abolished around the shield . This Treadles would date to around the mid 1870's. Sadly at this stage it is missing both the machine and treadle plate which I am interested to find in the future.
This machine was found when the previous owner who had bought this machine in the 1960's to be used as a dressing table contacted us looking for information about the treadle. When she downsized her living situation she offered it to us for sale and we gladly accepted. Other than removing a stain from the top if the woodwork the finish on the woodwork and the bronze finish on the frame is original.
Our Dream is to find the head and the treadle plate. Infinately possible as who would believe something as wonderful as this could be within walking distance in a house near us!!

Hold onto that Dream :-))
Bye For Now
Rob and Lynne

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