Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nearly Insane Block 28

Now this one took me longer than it was meant to. My sewing machine has been crying from lack of use.
Took 2 photos and the colours are still not quite right. The outer red is a stronger red than shows. I do like the way all the colours interact with each other. Not quite complimenting each other but happy all the same. I think that with this block the fabrics were harder to choose than doing the block itself. I will add it to the row. Choose the colours for the dreaded block 22 and give myself time on the Pie in the Sky quilt for a little while. B 22 is the last block I need to do to complete the row. Have a great Weekend all Cheers Lynne


Happy Me said...

What a pretty block! Thank you for sharing it :-)

Anne said...

Looking good, Lynne.

Kat Bennett said...

What a fabulous block! You're right- the colors are happy together. Great work and thanks for sharing.

Mimi said...

Lynne, your fabric placement is just amazing.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Love that fussy cut braid.

Vivian said...

I've been looking at your last few posts and the colors and boldness and beauty in both your Nearly Insane blocks and the Pie in the Sky blocks just make me so envious. I have the patterns (the books) and want to make both, but they're in my "to do" list -- along with a gazillion other projects. Seeing your photos definitely pushes me to move those near the top of my list.
They're gooorgeous.

Vivian said...

I've been reading back through your last few posts, and I'm so envious, seeing your bold and beautiful Nearly Insane blocks and your Pie in the Sky blocks. I have the patterns (the books) for both, and they're on my "to do" list. After seeing your gorgeous projects, I'm encouraged to shove those two nearer to the top of my list. These just look like too much fun to wait too long.