Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

B8 Another Maltaville block

I now have 5 blocks finished and 5 more on the go. I feel like I am getting somewhere. The gorgeous green in this block was thankyou to Christine and a scrapbag I won on her blog. It is perfect and just gorgeous. I finished The bird block too.
Happy now. I even put a little yellow beak on my bird. A friend suggested that I try back basteing on the sewing machine for my applique. I must admit that I was hesitant but after trying I love it. I can see the hole guides so much easier and it is also easier to needle turn under.
Hope you are all enjoying your projects.
Cheers Lynne


Anonymous said...

You are making some gorgeous blocks there, very nice!

Taryn said...

I never heard of back basting on the machine. Back basting is my favorite applique method and I can see where the holes would be so much easier to see if done by machine. I might have to experiment. Any words of wisdom? I also love that green. Do you know who made it?

Anonymous said...

Love your colours! They are so rich and vivid.

Dawn said...

Very nice Lynne.
You have a gift with color!

Marilyn Robertson said...

Beautiful blocks Lynne! I am not familiar with back basting, but it sounds like I need to check it out! :)