Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fruitcake Baking Day

Fruitcake making day :-)  While I cook I have never made a fruitcake before and needed to learn the Art of Tin Preparation. A very important step in fruitcake making.

Yes we are both quilters. Notice the different cake personalities. Same recipe, except Rosemary left out the Ginger and made the weight up in fruit.  Different size tin but that is all. We had such fun and they both look gorgeous. My cake is secretly stashed to mature for a week or two.

This is my Before shot. Lynne’s Cake


Rosemary’s Cake


Rosemary’s After shot  YummYumm. Now Rosemary basted hers with Whiskey. Believe it or not cakes are the same darkness. Two different cameras


Lynne’s after shot. I basted mine with Brandy. I think we need to get together and compare cake flavours :-)


I have just found another Fruit cake recipe with Hazelnuts. Fruitcake is meant to keep right so I think while I am on a roll I should make another :-) Have a Great Day All Cheers Lynne


Karen said...

Both look yummy!!!

Anne-Mette said...

Yummy - I have never tried to bake a fruitcake either. Maybe I should give it a try some day.
I wish you and your family a lovely season.

Barb said...

OMG I lOVE fruit cake and these look delicious!!