Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Roses for Mother’s Day


We went to the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide for Mother’s Day. The Roses were all out in Bloom and just gorgeous. I just had to share some of my favourites.

The photos will enlarge only part I cannot provide is the smell :-)

Rose1 Rose2w Rose3w Rose4w

Mum was meant to come with us but she had problems with her knee unexpectedly. I decided the next best thing was to take lots of photos for her to see. Made her favourite Roast for dinner too. So she did feel special. Hope you all had a lovely day Cheers Lynne


Darlene said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lynne!

Eva said...

This blog is a real treat. I'm happy that you found me and left your address. Thank you!

Julia said...

Happy Mother's Day Lynne
Gorgeous roses..
Julia ♥

Daniëlle said...

Thanks so much for the lovely pictures Lynne!! Still too chilly here, so no roses as yet I'm afraid. Hugs, Daniëlle