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Jones Hand

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scrappy Heaven

Christine1a Block2wbab

My Surprise parcel from Christine arrived. Lots of wonderful repro scraps- so many they would not fit in the photo. There was also the latest Fons and Porter Magazine with a great article on nine patches and a Pattern from Miss Rosies Pattern Co. called December Rose and some needles to try out. Love all the baskets in the quilt.  I can see some of these scraps making their way into my Civil War bride quilt. So much colour. I love it. :-)


I have finished the Civil War Bride Quilt Block 2 and am making good progress on block 5. Slowly but surely I am getting there :-) Off to fabric Fondle :-)

Cheers Lynne


Kathie said...

congrats, what a wonderful package from Christine, isn't she just so generous.
Beautiful fabrics and looks like a great pattern too

Fiesta said...

Lynne your block is beautiful

ranette said...

Lynne...your CWB block is stunning!
Really great package, love the pattern!

Barb said...

Hi Lynne
that quilt block is gorgeous! i love the mix of greens - so nice.
Great haul of repros!

Pat said...

Beautiful block Lynne.

Pat in Texas

Anne-Mette said...

Lynne, I love the block you have made. It looks fantastic.
Congratulation with the great surprice package.

Taryn said...

I am in love with your CWB block 2. The fabrics and colors are so lively. Thank you for posting it. I've been casting about with mine trying to decide between pink and white flowers and now I am sure...I'm going with pink. Love it, love it, love it.

Julia said...

Congrats Lynne..what a great parcel to get from Christine, she is so generous..
I love the look of that pattern,
Your finished new CWB block is just beautiful..
Julia ♥

Janet said...

What a lovely package from Christine, don't you love surprises! Your block is just gorgeous, I love your mix of greens and the fabrics for the flowers.

Karen said...

Every time I see one of the Civil War Bride quilt blocks, I wonder why I haven't started the quilt. I have the patterns. I just can't find the time right now. I am enjoying each block I see one of the participants working on.

Karen said...

Love all the fabric scraps. Such a pretty pattern is December Rose and your CWB block is excellent!!

Daniƫlle said...

If only heaven had half the fabric hihi. Tks for your comment on my blog! I will follow yours for sure!! Love the old treadles!! They are real treasures! Hopefully you will come and visit sometime! Take care! Hugs Daniƫlle

Paula said...

Well done, your block is beautiful.

Sharyn said...

such wonderful machines...takes my breath away! Thank you for sharing.

Meredith said...

Wow nice package, I like the December Rose pattern. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Have fun with the scraps.