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Jones Hand

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wertheim Triplex Handcrank c1895

Triplexbed decals
Close Up of the centre bed decal showing the lovely Mother of Pearl. If you look closely near the stitch length adjusting knob you will see a second knob. This was for changing the machine from a lockstitch to a chain stitch. Pretty Fancy considering the age of the machine. It is called a Triplex because it also does another fancy embroidery stitch. As we do not have a manual to this machine we do not know much about this last stitch.
Triplex front
If you look carefully at the bobbin winder you will see an extension beyond the wheel which the grinding stone fits on. This was for sharpening needles.  Replacement needles were quite expensive and one made sure that the needle lasted as long as possible.

Triplex rear
The holes in the wooden base are because this handcrank has come out of a combination treadle base and the machine could be used as either a handcrank or a treadle. We do have the rest of the treadle but it is not in these photographs,
Cheers  Rob and Lynne


Karen said...

Another beautiful machine. I didn't see any antique machines in the couple antique shops we were in on vacation.

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...


Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

I have a Frister & Rossmann hand-crank and my base is made like that; where it could be used as a treadle. I'm looking for a table for it...heard they were hard to find.

PatchworkRose said...

The problem with Frister and Rossmann and a lot of machines made around that time is that they were handmade or the style of bases changed which means almost that you have to have the base that was made for the machine you have. To compete some of the German makers used to have options. You could buy the machine as a treadle or a Treadle/handcrank combination or handcrank only. Then you could choose from up to 3 different types of heads. Fairly plain decorative or one that included Mother of Pearl. Then you had the option of a pincushion or some other extra. The Frames particularly in Wertheims came in Plain with a rear oilcan holder or ornate with a foot rest. The German machine makers needed to compete with Singer for the market. Some of their machines are absolutely Gorgeous. The triplex is another example where they experimented with combining a chain stitch a decorative stitch and a straight stitch into one machine to woo buyers. Another interesting thing is that some of the German machines came with a grinding wheel that you could attach to the bobbin winder so that you could sharpen your needles.
We have one, A Hengstenberg with a red robin in the centre of the bed and little cherubs in the corners. Decals over Mother of Pearl.
Hopefully this information helps you in your search. You will need the base of your machine to see if it will fit into a treadle.
Have a wonderful Christmas time with your family