Jones Hand

Jones Hand

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Block 36 Nearly Insane

Good Morning All
When I first looked at this block 36 with 78 pieces in it, especially the one in the 1870's Quilt, my first thoughts were Oh My Goodness. Piecing without any rhyme or reason. Decided to ingore all that, got the coloured pencils out and gave it a go. Still a bit higgley piggley but don't mind it now. Discovered Artists Tracing Paper. If you feed each sheet singularly it will go through the printer and it is so much easier to piece using this. For a start it is easy to see through and also it is so much easier to remove!!
Not cheap but what is!! Can buy it at Officeworks here as well as Art Shops.
I have a feeling that once you have tried it, your thoughts will be like mine, the expense is worth every cent :-))
Will post a picture of my hand applique soon. Just a little block and yes I am slow but I think it is all about learning patience. I am starting to enjoy it and I am slowly getting there. Won't tell you how long it took me to do the applique in the centre of the Blog Quilt. There was a sense of achievement when it was finished though. Hope to get that quilt quilted this year. Now if I say it there is a good chance it will happen ;-)
Have a good day
Lynne - We have a lovely Autumn day outside and I am so glad as I love Autumn!!


Pat said...

Lynne, your blocks are really looking good. You inspire me. I need to get back to mine.

Pat in Texas

Jenny in Belgium said...

Lynne, I love piecing but I think that if I had to make that block I would truly go insane LOL. Well done
Jenny in Belgium