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Jones Hand

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Hope Japanese Clone of Singer 15

This machine is branded a New Hope and is a Japanese copy of the Singer 15 with a few added extras.
It has a dial on the bed for dropping the feed dogs (embroidery) and adjusting the presser foot pressure to sew finer fabrics(silk).
It came to us as a head only but we have put her in a base and added a repro handle - painted to compliment the colour and turned it into a handcrank.
She draws lots of admiration from many people. They just love her colour.
She sews well, although a little heavier as in how she handles, than a Singer 15. Might just be from lack of use. It is unusual for these machines to be decorative as this.
She wented along with us to the last Quilt show and attracted a lot of attention :-)
Cheers Lynne


barb shillinger said...

Hi, I'm wondering what kind of paint you used on the handwheel, and crank mechanism. I have a pink Japanese clone that I want to add a handcrank to, and I want to make the handwheel and crankmech pink, too. Barb Shillinger in WA state, usa

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Barb We used Automotive touch up paint which comes in small spray pack cans. Usually you can get a colour that is a real close colour match. Good Luck :-)
Rob and Lynne

McKenna said...

I just bought a New Hope today at a collectors fair. The decals are the same as your machine but its body is black and she is electric. She runs sweet. I'd like to get a manual for her but can't seem to find one on the net. Would you know of a source I can go to for this? I'm an American living in Australia. Thanks